Borbón Skincare Launches New Podcast In Collaboration with FITNFABS Media To Celebrate International Women’s Month

We are still in March, the International Women’s Month, we should do something for ourselves before the month ends. A nice skincare is always a good idea. I want to introduce Borbón Skincare to you, a uni-sex personal care brand committed to delivering healthier, high-tech & organic formulations crafted from the world’s finest raw ingredients, while embracing the benefits of Hemp CBD oil and rich cultural homeopathic traditions. 

“As the founder of Borbón Skincare Inc. my mission is to empower & educate others to live clean, healthy beautiful lives. 
I’ve created a premium healthy alternative green skincare line of products made with the purest, raw ingredients sourced from gardens and kitchen pantries from around the globe and includes NON-GMO Hemp CBD Oil & other non-carcinogenic ingredients. We’re very pleased to announce, we currently have three brilliant doctors, Dr. Katerina Rozakis (PhD), Dr. Tracey James (DC) and Dr. Robert Milanes (MD) on board who are supporting us in various ways such as seated on our Advisory Board and selling our Soothing Herbal Massage Serum in their Wellness Centers and office”, said by the founder of Borbón Skincare Inc. Carmen Milagro.

Borbón’s  F.U, (Fiercely Unique) Conversations with Carmen Milagro features conversations with various experts & artists from all walks of life, bringing listeners inspiring as well as educational content about the latest beauty innovations, wellness practices, health, fitness, the arts and career plus financial wisdoms. Fiercely Unique Conversations with Carmen Milagro will provide advice on how to remain your own fiercely unique self, while encouraging beautiful, clean and healthy lifestyles. These conversations are designed specifically to motivate and enlighten the soul, so you can start your own Fiercely Unique conversations!

#FUConversations inaugural podcast has been available on 3/22/19 and launched on YouTube and Soundcloud followed by Spotify and the App Store. #FUConversations are co-sponsored by FitnFabs Media and Borbón Skincare. Borbón has reinvented heritage formulations inspired by a mother’s wisdom in the kitchen and an abuelita’s knowledge of plant-based skincare solutions. “We believe that skin care starts with the art of clean living and that while one should nurture their skin, it is equally important that one honors their body,” says Milagro. “This is why we are such strong advocates for products developed with only the highest quality ingredients that are not only organic and sustainable but will never contain harmful synthetics, such as microbeads or petroleum-based components. Borbón uses only the best, purest, premium organic, non-carcinogenic natural ingredients in their entire line.

  • Borbón’s Hemp CBD oil-infused Soothing Herbal Massage Serum made the “Fresh Finds” list (#10) in American Spa Magazine July Edition (page 68). 
  • Borbón raised over 400% of original goal and is one of the all-time TOP skincare crowd-funding campaigns on the Indiegogo platform. 
  • Borbón is Redefining the Clean Beauty Revolution with their clean, green, food-grade, organic & natural skincare line. 

Inspired by the natural skin-care remedies of her grandmother and great-grandmother, Borbón Skincare, Inc. a Latina-owned San Francisco-based company was founded by Carmen Milagro. 

Borbón is proud to introduce an exciting new product line: The premium No.1 Revitalising Facial, No.2 Invigorating Body Polish plus the full-spectrum Soothing Herbal Massage Serum infused with 70+% Pure Organic Hemp CBD Oil. All products are plant-based and none are tested on animals. 

“Please join us on our journey as we go back to basic GREEN CLEAN PRODUCTS to care for our skin, so that we are not slowly poisoning our bodies or choosing cancer-causing toxic ingredients for our children or ourselves. Imagine a time when our Cancer Divas & Warriors will have products they need not worry about as they nurture their skin and honor their bodies!” 
~ Carmen Milagro (Founder) 

About Founder – Carmen Milagro 
As a 1st generation San Franciscan and daughter of Salvadorian-immigrants born in the Mission, she learned early on as a young entertainer & patent-owning inventor that she must walk her own path, follow her own journey and to always, in as many ways possible, to pay it forward. Now, she is at the helm as founder of Borbón Skincare, Inc. and she plans to stay rooted in her community. She is working diligently to build the Borbón flagship site in the Bay Area, to help inspire other Women of Color in her own backyard and a major part of her growth plan for Borbón is to be inclusive and hire “locally diverse” people from the community as well as create an in-house “hands-on” training initiative to help people out of their low-income & disenfranchised positions. Borbón Skincare subscribes to the “Training-Skills-Not-Handouts” and “Pay-it-Forward” philosophies. 

Carmen Milagro also sits on the Board of Directors for Heaven’s Door Cancer Foundation because she learned the true value of healthy clean products and how they allow Cancer Warriors feel better in their own skin when she was helping to care for my mother before she passed away. Once the company in is profit mode, Borbón plans to create a BODO (Buy One Donate One) program for the cancer warriors & divas at Heaven’s Door Cancer Foundation. 

Says Carmen Milagro, “Music is my passion but helping others is my purpose!”