Water Bottles You’ll Need This Spring

Getting prepped for that upcoming Spring getaway? While you’re packing all your essentials, don’t forget to grab your favorite Glasstic® Water Bottle and make staying hydrated during your trip as easy as can be!

Because Glasstic® bottles are made with a protective coating of plastic on the outside, they won’t shatter, making them the perfect travel companion ensuring you drink enough water wherever you are.

The whole family going on the trip? Everyone can bring their own bottle and it’s never been easier to tell them apart thanks to the brand’s customizable inserts.

More Reasons To Love Glasstic® on Vacay and at Home:

Reusable – use it over and over and over again and reduce landfill waste in the process!

Shatterproof – special coating prevents shattering. If the glass breaks, it stays inside the shatterproof shell with no mess!

Easy to Clean – Glasstic® is dishwasher safe.

Lifetime Warranty – free parts for life.

Easy to Personalize – with the insert packs you can create lots of different looks, including coloring your own design.

Wide Mouth – makes infusing with fruit or making tea so easy.

Large Spout – easy to drink

Take it Anywhere – most fitness studios allow Glasstic®. Take it to the pool or take it to the gym.Glasstic has the benefits of glass with the luxuries of plastic.

Safe for Kiddos – Durable and safe for kids as young as 6, just make sure to inspect from time to time.

About Glasstic®: 

Glasstic®’s patented Modular Water Bottle System got its start 5 years ago as a way to fill a need in the beverage bottle market. HealthyliciousLiving LLC realized people wanted a high-quality, portable beverage container that was free of BPA and toxins, that carried all the benefits of glass … like the taste … without the drawbacks … breaking. After a lot of trial and error, Glasstic® was born, offering a whole new safe, healthy, environmentally conscious way to enjoy beverages on the go.