The Perfect April Fools and Easter Gag Gift

Want the perfect prank to fool your friends this April Fools?!

Look no further.

Dick At Your Door will be featuring The Don, originally developed as a way for people to anonymously tell their friends, office colleagues, frenemies… to “eat a dick” without the repercussions. This gag gift (no pun intended) is shipped anonymously and will surely be a surprise and delight for all. As if sending your pals a chocolate D is not enough, you are also doing a mitzvah! One dollar from every order is donated to the American Cancer Society to help fund Prostate Cancer Research.

If April Fools is not your cup of tea, and Easter is, Dick At Your Door makes the perfect gift for Easter- yes, Easter! Celebrate this wonderful time of the year with The Blossom, a floral box that looks beautifully delicate on any table. Get creative and surprise your guests with this treat as the place card holder. Dine in style and have a good laugh when everyone opens up their package (pun intended) at the table! A delicious yet naughty sweet treat is literally in sight.

Roses are so 2000. Chocolate is in……even better, a chocolate dick.

This vegan chocolate dick in a box is perfect for a special occasion or just a friendly reminder to eat a dick.

Originally developed as a way for people to anonymously tell their friends, office colleagues, etc to “eat a dick” without the repercussions, Dick at Your Door has grown into a great way to spice up the bachelorette party, have a laugh, or just eat some great chocolate.

Dick At Your Door (D@DS)  is the one stop shop for all your mail order pranking needs. Ever wanted to tell someone to eat a D?

Now you can with five ounces and five inches of solid vegan, white, or milk chocolate. Each dong is handcrafted with care by certified chocolatiers and is made with a mixture of milk chocolate or sometimes special candy coloring depending on the color that has been ordered.

While being handled with care we make sure all dicks are gluten free and peanut free so everyone can enjoy our big surprises. D@DS is the absolute the original chocolate gag gift that is the perfect addition to any adult gathering!

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