Winter’s Indoor Heating Can Lead To Summer Like Chafing

The weather is still cold outside and forced air furnaces blow hot dry air out into homes, offices and other public places all winter long. Better than freezing, the furnaces make indoors livable but often at a price and the price is chafing from sweaty skin that can stay moist when traditional cotton underwear is worn. People who sweat excessively in summer will still sweat in the winter and will also benefit from wearing a garment that wicks away and dries sweat before any type of chafing can begin regardless of the time of year.

You Are Still Sweating

People who sweat a lot in the warmer weather months are still prone to do so in winter, especially if there is a sirocco like wind blowing out of the furnace at home, work or school. “People will bundle up to go outside, drive to work, the gym or wherever, but once inside are overheated,” said corporate spokesman and frequent jock itch sufferer Nick Heraldson said. “It is tough to cool down while wearing business/work attire and more challenging still to justify opening a window, or cranking the A/C when it’s snowing, sleeting, freezing or blowing cold outside. Your colleagues will speak ill of you, so adopt the right type of garment and avoid the whole issue.”

Butt Cracks Still Get Sweaty in Winter

Sweating below the belt line in winter makes the human cracks and crevices more likely to chafe because of the underwear they wear. “The chafing condition is exacerbated by traditional cotton blends of underwear that will hold moisture for long periods of time,” said Heraldson. “Your sagging wet underwear will grind against your skin and lead to chafing, rashes and infection, even if the temperature outside is freezing.”

Skip the Products Wear the Right Underwear

There are lots of products men can use to combat the chafing from a sweaty crotch and many are very good. But there are plenty of downsides for these including the smell, the mess and the fact that they have to be replaced. “No matter how good some of these ointments, unguents and poultices may be they are not sustainable and only treat the symptoms,” Heraldson said. “Our underwear removes the cause of chafing in the first place, so no one has to buy any of these stinky, sticky, clothing staining products over and over again.”

If You Still Chafe Here Is What To Do

Chafing will heal on its own within a couple of days if the problem is addressed; your sweatybackside and chafe inducing underwear. “Treat butt chafing like anything else,” Heraldson recommended. “Let the skin heal overnight by leaving the area exposed to air while you sleep. If there is abrasion or blistering on the skin surface, petroleum jelly and a light bandage or gauze can be applied until the skin heals over.”

The last thing to make swamp chafe better is to keep doing and wearing the same thing that led to chafing in the first place. “If an activity causes chafing, stop doing that,” Heraldson said. “Otherwise you are just stupid and deserve to have an adult case of diaper rash.” 

While Your Skin is Recovering:

  • Do not try to clean chaffed skin with hydrogen peroxide or iodine, as these chemicals can actually hinder the healing process. Instead, clean with mild soap and water or just a saline solution.
  • Do not shower in extremely hot water or use harsh soaps, both of which make the skin overly dry and more susceptible to damage. 
  • Always pat skin dry. Rubbing will make chafing worse.
  • Use ice or a cold pack for short amounts of time to relieve pain. Be sure to pat dry when you’re done.
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