How To Choose The Right CBD For Yourself

CBD Essence’s client has a question for them, “Everyone talks about CBD products, everyone uses it, but very few understand what it is and how it really works”. 

Which is why CBD Essence has decided to help you in choosing the right CBD for you, based on the solution you’re searching for.


The whole spectrum of the positive impact of CBD Oil is yet to be discovered, but for now, it is recognized as a possible solution to the following problems:

– Chronic Pain and Fatigue

– Stress and Depression

– Blood Sugar

– Anxiety


Besides, according to a study published in Neurotherapeutics in 2015, CBD may fight cancer. The authors of a review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 2012 wrote the following: “Evidence is emerging to suggest that CBD is a potent inhibitor of both cancer cells grow and spread”.

But here’s an interesting fact: the slower CBD absorbs, the longer it lasts. And, likewise, if the CBD absorbs quickly, it will usually offer immediate – but short-term relief.

So if your goal is to “stick a patch” on the problem – you can use solutions like CBDEssence Vape or Mint Taffy Chewy Candy. They might act in momentum. But if you want to reduce the problem in the long run, you should choose CBDs with slow absorption, like CBD Hemp Tinctures and CBD Hemp Capsules.


CBD Dosage is not universal, and everything is really individual, based on your body and what exactly you’re trying to achieve. However, there are certain observations among CBD oil users, which we can discuss here.

The practice among starters is taking 10-15 mg 3 times a day. You can increase or reduce portions by 5 mg according to how you feel. Generally, it takes about 30 minutes to feel the effects of CBD oil after digesting or applying it, but of course that alters as well.

There are also general rules defined by CBD Essence users:

a) Use it daily, to experience the overall positive impact of CBD. One standard dose can be taken 1-3 times a day, according to directions.

b) Start low, work way up. Taking more CBD than you may need may actually be less effective. Which is why every user of CBD oil keeps telling: you have to determine it yourself. Which is – you can start with low dosage 1-3 times a day, and then increase or decrease it by 5 mg as you feel.

c) Give it time. It takes time to build cannabinoids in your body. This is why for some people it takes a bit longer to start actually feeling the impact.


So how about having it all? You don’t have to stick to just one CBD product at a time. You have a dynamic lifestyle, and CBD Essence has the whole variety of products to fit for it!

HEMP OIL TINCTURE to take in the mornings. You can vary the dosage yourself – since it’s liquid oil, it’s very flexible in terms of usage. For example, you can add it to your morning coffee or smoothie, and get all tuned up for the up for the upcoming day.

MINT TAFFY CHEWY CANDY – Great. Delicious. Working. Healthy is a tasty experience with CBD Essence during the day. Each chewy candy contains 10 mg of CBD, which means you can take 1 or 2 during the daytime – and what’s more important, in moments of stress, it’s a great helper, that’s always by your side!

Same applies to CBD ESSENCE VAPE – one cartridge includes 15 mg CBD, it’s easily refilled, and you will enjoy it!

EDIBLE HEMP OIL CAPSULES – which are ideal in the evening, for good night sleep. They contain 35 mg per capsule, which – in addition to the dosage you took during the day, will have a relaxing effect on you.

Check out DASHDUB for many CBD options that may be right for you.