Kid Proof: Spill Proof Your Car and Home

He might not wear a cape, or have secret superpowers, but dad is the ultimate superhero when it’s time to save the day from little messes. Take Cory Listner for example, this dad and chemical engineer saved the family ride from more spilled milkshake coming up with a genius way to keep the car clean while protecting the health of his children.

He founded Caprock Products with the invention of Kid Proof, the fabric protectant that uses nanotechnology to safely seal fabrics and leather from food and liquid spills.


Why we love Kid Proof:

  • Doesn’t use fluorocarbons, acetone, or naphtha so all of your family members – the two-legged and four-legged – are safe from toxic chemicals.
  • Nanotechnology-based ingredients actually bond to the fabric or leather creating an impermeable barrier.
  • No matter how hectic family life gets, you can apply once and know it’s always working.
  • Spills don’t just happen in the car. Remember to use Kid Proof on your household upholstery and carpets too!

About Caprock Products LLC:

Father and husband Cory Listner is the founder and president of Caprock Products LLC. It was one incident in particular that put this chemical engineer in a new line of work in 2018 as he discovered day-old strawberry milkshake spilled in his car. He researched nanotechnology and how to get a hydrophobic material into water and thus Caprock’s first product, Kid Proof Fabric Protectant, was born. To prove it worked, he recreated the strawberry milkshake incident in his back seat. Aside from multiple hobbies and volunteering for various organizations, including Boy Scouts as a Cub Master, Listner holds a degree in chemical engineering from The University of Illinois at Chicago and will be graduating in August with his MBA from Texas Tech University. For more information, visit