Game-Changing Beauty Products to Snag this Fall

As the seasons change from Summer to Fall, your beauty bag is due for an upgrade! This fall, discover CocoOil, a natural skincare brand, to have a beautiful Fall season.

We love using products that are inspired by the tropics, but how often do we think about the benefits they have for the health of our skin? When you use the certified Fair Trade cold-pressed organic coconut oil found in COCOOIL, you see advantages far beyond exotic scents. Escape to the tropics with their line of body and suncare products that feed your skin with nutrients that hydrate, nourish and protect. Unlike water-based products for sun protection, COCOOIL suncare products include 100 percent natural botanicals which are more effective for producing a uniform and long-lasting film of sun protection on the skin.

COCOOIL started with a love for coconut oil and the Pacific Islands. During a trip to Fafa Island in the Kingdom of Tonga in 2011, the founders had a vision of a luxury skincare and suncare range formulated with certified Fair Trade cold-pressed organic coconut oil. CocoOil only uses coconut oil produced sustainably in the Pacific Islands, supporting local communities and ensuring the ingredients are sourced ethically.

This nourishing range of natural products was created to capture the natural health benefits of organic coconut oil and provide a luxurious feel while hydrating and protecting skin.

COCOOIL SPF products are deeply hydrating oils with Broad Spectrum filters to protect the skin from UVA & UVB radiation that cause skin damage. Plus, they smell like tropical bliss! Formulated with Fairtrade cold-pressed organic coconut oil and added SPF protection, the patented formula is dermatologist tested + approved in independent labs in Australia.

Unlike most oils, lotions or sunscreens, the primary task of COCOOIL is to feed your skin with nutrients that hydrate, nourish and protect. When the skin retains its moisture, it aids in the prevention of premature aging & helps reduce UV damage.

COCOOIL’S Suncare Range includes SPF protection to guard against UV, with:
  • COCOOIL Tanning Oil SPF6
  • COCOOIL Beach’n’Body Oil SPF15
  • COCOOIL Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF30
CocoOil SPF range is a Patent granted formulation that complies with international sunscreen standards. These suncare products have also been complemented with:
  • COCOOIL Face Oil with Rosehip
  • COCOOIL Body Oil
  • COCOOIL Baby Oil with Lavender
  • COCOOIL Ocean Spray, for those beautiful beach waves for your hair.
CocoOil range is formulated with Fairtrade cold-pressed organic coconut oil and natural botanicals – full of vitamins and antioxidants to feed your skin with nutrients that hydrate, nourish, and protect skin! CocoOil’s luxurious range uses carefully selected natural ingredients to keep skin soft and healthy from head to toe.
All COCOOIL products are not tested on animals, scientifically proven, and dermatologically tested + manufactured in Australia.