Let’s Get Plant-Based! Everybody’s Doing It. 

We all know we probably need to start eating more veggies. You’re looking out for your health. Maybe you’re trying to do your part for the planet. Maybe you’re going vegan after seeing a documentary—or just (trying to) swap a steak for a salad once in awhile. But where to start? Maybe the last “plant-based” memory you have is of flabby tofu or flavorless steamed…something. These days, choosing plant-based doesn’t mean bland, boring food—in fact it’s just the opposite. That’s where Plant Junkie comes in.

Bring some healthy flavor to your salads and sandwiches to mix up your food options while staying home. Quarantine days can be a new resolution for you as you spend more time at home to think about what should I cook for my family today, what do I need to do to make my kids a better diet?

Meet Plant Junkie, the newest line of plant-based condiments that are 100% plant based, vegan-friendly and delicious.  Offering a variety of salad dressings and mayonnaise alternatives, Plant Junkie is dairy, egg, soy, nut and gluten-free, making Plant Junkie the go-to options for those with food allergies. Special dietary needs aside, studies show a growing desire among consumers for more plant-based products. In fact, the U.S. retail sales in this market have grown 11 percent in the past year.

Plant Junkie’s range of salad dressings feature ranch dressings made with avocado oil and vinaigrettes made with expeller-pressed canola oil. For those hungry for healthy flavors in their sandwiches, wraps and dips, spread selections include regular and chipotle lime flavors made with each type of oil.

Plant Junkie craves natural, simple and, above all, delicious plant-based options. And Plant Junkie wants everyone to get hooked. And not just because they’re better for you. Or better for the planet. Plant Junkie thinks you’ll become a Plant Junkie because they just taste better. The crunch of cool green veggies in a whoosh of spicy spread. A tangy marinade turning portobello caps into a hearty meatless feast. Drizzling a grain bowl filled with earthy chickpeas, pickled onions, fluffy rice and tender greens.

Sounds pretty crave-worthy, right? That’s your body talking! You’ve been longing to eat this way, and Plant Junkie is here to help you do it deliciously. They think after trying these spreads and dressings just once, you’ll already be thinking of your next Plant Junkie indulgence. Let’s get plant-based—everybody’s doing it.


Folks are finally catching on—plant-based spreads just make sense. Why? Because when you use the highest-quality oils, and extract them naturally (without harsh chemical solvents), you don’t need much else. Just a bit of seasonings and a touch of spice, and you’re hooked!

Plant Junkie Avocado Oil Chipotle Lime Spread

With a blend of smoky chipotle pepper, zesty lime, and rich avocado oil—this flavorful plant-based spread brings your recipes to life.

Plant Junkie Avocado Oil Spread

This outrageously addictive avocado oil spread adds a special zip to all of your favorite dishes. The 100% avocado oil base means you don’t need much else for real flavor and creamy smoothness. Get hooked with a swoosh on your veggie sandwich!

Plant Junkie Chipotle Lime Spread

Taste the difference with garden-fresh chipotle pepper, a twist of fresh lime, and rich expeller-pressed canola oil in this flavor-packed spread.

Plant Junkie Spread

This smooth spread takes everything it touches to a whole new level of flavor and creamy richness—the perfect plant-based base for dips, dressings and more.


Is there anything better than dunking some crunchy veg into cool, creamy ranch? What about if it was 100% plant-based, made with 100% avocado oil, and came in a BUNCH of unique flavors? Better right? Now pass those baby carrots over.

Avocado Oil Chia Ranch Dressing

Small but mighty chia seeds pack some extra nutrition into this dreamy plant-based dressing.

Turmeric & Pepper Ranch Dressing

It’s good as gold—this tangy plant-based ranch teems with the exotic flavors of golden turmeric and black pepper.

Avocado Oil Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Kick up your carrot sticks. Spice up spinach salads. Whatever you dip, drizzle or dunk this smoky stuff on, you’re sure to become a plant-based believer.

Avocado Oil Cilantro Ranch Dressing

Cilantro haters can move on. But if you love this bright, citrusy, herb…Plant Junkie got a dressing for you.

Avocado Oil Original Ranch Dressing

Original, but definitely not basic. A tangy blend of herbs, spices, and 100% pure avocado oil may make this the only Ranch you reach for.


Plant Junkie has gotten absolutely hooked on a good vinaigrette. With the perfect balance of savory, sour, salty and sweet, these 100% plant-based babies can do it all.

You’ll love trying them in everything from gluten-free marinades to dressing up greens. And since it’s made from non-GMO canola oil extracted without chemical solvents, you’ll feel great serving it. Love is sweet—and sour.

Chili Pomegranate Vinaigrette

You’ve never tasted anything like it—smoky, sweet and tart with just a touch of heat, you’re a drizzle away from becoming a Plant Junkie.

Thai Peanut Vinaigrette

Thai cuisine has become a worldwide addiction by balancing between spicy, salty, sour, and sweet—and oh look, they’re all inside this bottle!

Plant Junkie’s products are available at Amazon.com. Before you make your decision for which one, let’s do a fun test on Plant Junkie’s website, to see how plant junkie are you?

This is me

I guess now is the time to have more plant-based foods! Let’s do it.