As Corona+Mask Shortages Surge, Burners Create Reversible Sequin Mask as DIY Fashion Accessory w/ Jersey Lined Protection

As the cases of Coronavirus continue to surge, hospital workers are running out of safe masks to wear to treat infected patients in hospitals worldwide. The surgical masks people are using look exactly that, totally surgical, depressing and plain. These two burning man girls were inspired by the dusty playa with a splash of creativity while quarantining at home, making lemonade out of lemons, and sharing some pizzaz with the birth of Glitterati Masks. 

Made from sequins, which are reversible in color, you can choose the shade you want to flaunt depending on your outfit, all while staying safe. Feel the comfort on the other side of the mask, which is lined with soft jersey t-shirt material, which will not slip off the face. The masks are fully padded, comfortable for a bike ride, walking, running, or other activities, all held together with neon elastic, which wrap around the ears.

This DIY fashion accessory was created with safely, fashion, and inspiration in mind, with prices ranging from $20-50 per mask, and many different colorful options to choose from! Please visit for orders.