Shared Planet™, the vegan beauty brand known for raising awareness of ‘at-risk’ animals by creating color cosmetic collections, inspired by those on the endangered list, today announced their Earth Day promotion consisting of a 20% off site-wide sale, as well as a donation of 10% of sales to animal-related charities.

“Earth Day 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement,“ said 17-year old Aashna Sharma, Founder of Shared Planet™.  “The Shared Planet™ brand is deeply rooted in championing animals and their natural habitat, and we very much share in that mission of driving transformative change for our planet.”

Taking the concept of clean beauty to the next level, with products mindfully created to make a difference, the brand launched with 2 color cosmetic collections – Tiger and Polar Bear.  Each collection consists of an eye shadow palette and coordinated lip glosses.  Each shade, inspired by both the animal and its natural habitat, pushes the boundaries of color and performance, while bringing visibility to the issues each one faces today.
The brand has partnered with two internationally recognized animal charities, Panthera and Polar Bears International, and it donates 10% of sales to help ensure a future for endangered animals.

“We give back 10% of each sale, every day.  But in celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to gift an extra savings to our customers as a way to show our dedication to the Earth Day movement,” said Sharma.  “We are so proud of the support and attention we have received thus far and hope this promotion, along with the incredible quality of our products, will help people become devoted to the Shared Planet™ brand and its mission.”




Shared Planet’s Polar Bear Collection was inspired by the icy, cool, reflective shades of the Arctic, the stunning glaciers the Polar Bears call home.

Hudson Bay: high shine shimmering pearlescent mauve
Wintry: high shine translucent iridescent white

CUB: matte soft fleshy nude
ICEY: shimmering soft pink
PRISM: metalized muted lavender

POLAR: illuminating holographic iced white
FROSTED: intense sparkling amethyst
CHILLY: rich matte smoky grey
SUBZERO: matte royal aubergine
AVALANCHE: metalized brilliant aqua marine
GLACIER: shimmering vibrant sapphire blue
AURORA: metallic blue-toned violet
ARCTIC: rich metalized deep silver
BLACK ICE: matte ultra-saturated intense black

Shared Planet’s Tiger Collection was designed to mirror the colors of the magnificent tiger, and the environment that surrounds them.

BIG CAT: High shine shimmering peach
FEROCIOUS: high shine translucent glittering gold

SIBERIAN: matte soft neutral vanilla
TIGER EYE: rich vibrant metalized amber gold
WHISKERS: matte creamy peachy brown umber

PAW PRINT: soft shimmering baby pink
FIERY: matte soft earthy mocha
LUSH: rich vibrant leafy green
ROAR: illuminating holographic gold
CLAWED: matte creamy burnt orange
SHER KHAN: rich shimmering copper
PREDATOR: matte deep velvety chocolate
BENGAL: metalized brilliant bronze
STRIPES: rich matte intense black

About Shared Planet™

Shared Planet™ (www.sharedplanet.com) is the first color cosmetics brand to put the pursuit of social and environmental change before all else.  The brand, and its products, bring visibility to endangered animals and donates 10% of proceeds to animal-related charities across the world.  Shared Planet™ has built its foundation on maintaining a vegan and cruelty-free status, and we partner with social media influencers, who are equally passionate about animals, who use their platforms to help spread awareness.