LiefMed wants you to Stay Active

Whether you are a runner, weight lifter, or just like to keep in shape, keeping an active lifestyle can improve your appearance, health & happiness.

LiefMed CBD Lotion comes in a travel size tube (1.7oz). This easy to store tube is perfect for the active lifestyle. LiefMed products have been derived solely from hemp plants. Hemp plants have very little THC (.3%) and would provide little to no intoxicating effect. Products marked THC FREE* will not get you high.

LiefMed CBD products have a NANO emblem which identifies that they have been created with Water-Soluble CBD particles that are broken down to as low as 25 nanometers. These NANO CBDs have a higher Bio-Availability as compared to standard CBDs.

LiefMed CBD Lotion

A uniquely formulated Body Lotion, surging with vital energies, empowers an active user. The highly-concentrated, Phytocannabinoid-Rich formula applies smoothly without residue and absorbs quickly. Our Body Lotion penetrates the skin and is designed for the active lifestyle. Don’t allow discomfort to keep you from moving freely and staying active.

Directions: Apply throughout the day or night as needed. For body use, not intended for facial application. Avoid contact with eyes.

About LiefMed:

LiefMed has two goals: provide a great quality product that has transformative effects on our users, and the second is to see people live their best lives. Most people only take their health seriously once they have an issue, but by the time a person realizes that there’s a problem, that particular ailment has most likely existed for years.

At LiefMed, they believe that the best way for you to live your best life is to make your body and your health the most important thing in your life. That’s why LiefMed so heavily emphasize their Stay Active Campaign. They believe that through a combination of staying active, eating right, and using their products that you will experience the best version of your life!