Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry That Serve A Deeper Purpose

When was the last time you made a wish? Did it come true?

Wishbeads empower you to unlock your true abilities, dream your biggest dreams and make almost any wish come true by reminding you to stay focused and intentional – every day. So go ahead, wear it on you sleeve (well, your wrist really).

Take Your First Step

It’s time for you to reinvent the way you wish.

Psychologists agree that when you put a wish, dream or goal in writing it’s the first step toward making it happen. It’s like signing a contract with yourself. It’s powerful!

  1. Write it. – Visualize your greatest wish coming true. See it clearly in your mind’s eye. Write down your wish using the kit that is provided along with your jewelry
  2. Wear it. – Roll up the paper. Tuck it inside your beautiful gemstone jewelry. Wear your wish every day as a powerful visual reminder of the intention you’ve set.
  3. Witness. – Each day, whenever you see your jewelry, you’ll be reminded to take action, to live purposefully toward realizing your wish. Witness the power of you!

Wishbeads are intentional jewelry where you write down your wish, roll it up, and wear it inside your bracelet or necklace as a daily reminder to take action towards your wish. They come in a few different styles, the newest being the Recycled Glass Collection.

Fire Recycled Glass Bracelet

This collection features African recycled glass beads handmade by members of the Krobo Tribe in Ghana, Africa. Using centuries-old techniques, they form each bead by compressing the glass into a dry grain, heating the grain, and pouring into porcelain molds, before adding the stem of the cassava leaf to form the hole. The final heating burns the stem away and fuses the glass together. Vibrant colors and irregular shapes of each bead create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Write down your deepest wish, tuck it inside your Wishbeads bracelet, and wear it as a daily reminder to take action.

  • Features solid brass cylinder and screw cap
  • Includes 5 wishpapers
  • Hand strung beads and clasp
  • Bracelet lengths vary between 18.5cm-19cm

What’s Wishwork?

Written by Alexa Fischer (the founder!) Wishwork gives you the tools to make your wish and put it into action with daily lessons, journaling, and progress tracking.

Featured on Good Morning America, and called “a great book for anyone ready and willing to improve their life” by bestselling author Seth Godin.

“The entire idea for Wishbeads came to me in an instant. I created wish beads to be your opportunity to explore how powerful you are, to create exactly the life you want. It’s your own path to making your wishes come true. Have fun with the journey!”

                                                                       – Alexa Fischer, Founder

Your Purchase Gives Back

Wishbeads mission is to give girls the tools to take control of their future. Through the Wishbeads Workshop they teach goal setting, self confidence, positive mindset, and mindfulness training. Every purchase makes a Wishbeads Workshop possible for an underserved teen.

Of course, a Wishbeads paper bead bracelet is so more than just motivational jewelry. It’s a daily reminder for students to stay focused on their wishes, dreams, and goals. In a time of constant distraction, social media comparison, low self-esteem and high self-doubt, teens in particular benefit from the support and reminders they can get from their Wishbeads.

Wishbeads workshops have been enjoyed by hundreds of teens around the country, including experiences with GEM (The Girls Empowerment) in Baltimore, MD, GALS (The Girls Athletic Leadership School) in Panorama City, CA, and at PS1: Pluralistic School One in Santa Monica, CA. To learn more about Wishbeads Workshops for Teens, please contact them here!

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