Cook Hot Dogs with the Sun this October

With summer is over and we are officially in the fall, few things are as satisfying on a sunny afternoon than a perfectly cooked Hebrew National (or veggie dog). Thing is, few people actually enjoy going through all the hassle of fumbling around with a bag of charcoal and a jug of lighter fluid to produce said hot dogs. So what if you could utilize the natural energy of the sun? This is exactly what the folks at the GoSun — designer of solar-powered essential outdoor gear— are able to deliver with their portable, convenient, and highly efficient solar-powered cooker: the GoSun Go.

It’s capable of producing up to 6 superbly cooked regular hot dogs in just 10 minutes. And trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted a hot dog cooked using only the power of the sun!

Available online for affordable price, the GoSun Go is also excellent for sausages, plus any other types of foods you might want.

The GoSun Go® is the most portable solar oven ever. Using just the Sun, this ultralight solar cooker can bake, roast, steam, and boil anywhere. Solar Cooking in clouds and cold? No problem. Breakthrough solar technology that’s fast, reliable and portable.

You can also boil water anywhere with GoSun. It is perfect for tea & coffee. Feeling hungry? Add hot water to dry foods for a warm meal. Once heated, liquids stay hot and ready for hours.

All GoSun products are FAA compliant, meaning you can bring the Go wherever you go! Tested and confirmed by members of the team. Try doing that with propane!… but don’t really. To prevent damage when flying, pad your tube with foam from your original packaging or use a similar blanket or towel. This wrapping will help to keep impacts from the reflectors or bracket from making their way to the tube.