Start The Magic Bokksu Journey with Me

Are you ready to experience Japan from home? My answer is a hundred percent yes. 2020 is not a good year for traveling. But how about just have a wonderful journey for Japanese snacks at your own home? Why not. Bokksu can make your dream come true so easily. As a real Asian, I can tell you how much I would recommend you to try out the authentic Asian snacks. Don’t say you have a lot of Asian supermarkets in the city, they only curate the foods are fit for American market. We have a tons more options at our own countries.

Bokksu sources their snacks in Japan from a mix of local and well-known makers, and are committed to building lasting partnerships with these makers to bring the Member the best Japanese snacks available.

When you join Bokksu, every month is a new gourmet adventure! After your first box, immerse yourself in Japanese culture with fun monthly themes from festivals to seasons to prefectures.

Let me show you what I got from this season’s mysterious snack box. With this first box, get the best taste of what a year in Japan is like across all four seasons! Bokksu’s team handpicks each snack that goes in the snack box to bring you an authentic taste of Japan.

Members get more than just an amazing box of Japanese snacks. You also get a Member-exclusive market discount, exclusive in-box content, member-only sales, and more!

Bokksu offers a unique way to learn, taste, and experience Japan and its vibrant culture right from home. There is a map of Japan in the booklet inside your box to tell where does every single snack come from. Each snack have a sweet story behind. I can see how careful the team curate the snacks. They put a lot of effort to make sure all the snacks are worthy to ship overseas and let the customers have wonderful experiences.

You can see the full nutrition fact and ingredients, as well as how it tastes for every single snack. Here are some of my favorite items that I want to share with you.

White Strawberry

Manufacturer: Bokksu
Common Allergens: Milk, Soy
Also Contains: N/A
Product of: Nagano Prefecture
Snack is: Sweet
Vegetarian: Yes

This is the world’s first chocolate-infused strawberry! Strawberries are harvested, freeze-dried, infused with white chocolate, and cooled, for a chocolate with all the flavor of a fresh strawberry!

Tottori 20th Century Pear Fromage Biscuit

Manufacturer: Kotobuki Seika
Common Allergens: Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Soy
Also Contains: N/A
Product of: Tottori Prefecture
Snack is: Sweet
Vegetarian: Yes

This delicate biscuit is a luxurious blend of 20th Century Asian Pear (nijiseiki-nashi), rich cheese, and decadent white chocolate.

Matcha Chocolate Stick Cake

Manufacturer: Nakajima Taishodo
Common Allergens: Milk, Eggs, Tree nuts, Wheat, Soy
Also Contains: N/A
Product of: Osaka
Snack is: Savory
Vegetarian: Yes

This soft cake uses matcha from Uji, Kyoto, which is known for its high-quality matcha. Pairing earthy matcha with bittersweet chocolate chips gives this cake a rich, subtly sweet flavor.

Aomori Apple Caramel Yakkoi Sable

Manufacturer: Ragueneau Sasaki
Common Allergens: Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Soy
Also Contains: N/A
Product of: Aomori Prefecture
Snack is: Sweet
Vegetarian: No This cookie uses apples exclusively from Aomori, Japan’s “apple prefecture.” The addition of sweet apple-caramel butter gives this sable-style cookie a “yakkoi” (soft and chewy) texture.

Uni Rice Cracker

Manufacturer: Bonchi
Common Allergens: Eggs, Wheat, Soy
Also Contains: Mollusk shellfish, Alcohol
Product of: Kumamoto Prefecture
Snack is: Savory
Vegetarian: No These delicious fried crackers pull their lovely umami flavor from uni (sea urchin) and soy sauce. It’s savory and salty without being overly fishy, and the cracker’s oblong shape even looks like the actual sea urchin.
Pairing with a cup of black coffee in my own designed mug, I can’t imagine a better way to start my day. This is my heaven of breakfast. Guess what? The motivation to go to sleep is for a good start of next morning, for me is all about the breakfast.
Meow Meow totally agrees with me. Of course I will share nothing with him, but it’s always nice to have a cat watching you while you eat. It adds the happiness double. Life needs sweetness, and you can get the yummy sweetness from Japan! How cool it is. With new themes every month, Bokksu’s monthly snack box delivers Japan-exclusive snacks, candies, and teas to your door! Subscribers save 10% on all market orders too!

How it works

  1. Subscribe and receive a monthly box of curated snacks, rewards, and more.
  2. Receive authentic snacks packed with care and delivered to your door.
  3. Experience the many flavors of Japan one snack, candy, and tea at a time!

Now it’s your turn to experience Japan right from home.