Buy Something…This Holiday Season Is The Time to Support All Female Owned Businesses

The best way to show encouragement of supporting female owned businesses is to buy something from a business owned by a woman. Tami Lange, Save The Girls owner and founder, who is a first-time entrepreneur, has weathered the challenges of the global pandemic by finding outlets to sell products.  Without those sales, she would have closed. She knows the importance of each purchase, so while the prescription of ‘buy something’ may sound overly simple it is the thing that so many businesses need now more than ever.

Advice for women business owners to support each other are well intentioned but not always as helpful as they might be. Suggestions like work with other women entrepreneurs to create a positive environment, sponsor a women’s conference, or attend a workshop are fine during normal times. But in a stretch when business revenue is down, people need to make a more meaningful and concrete impact and the best way is to make a purchase.  “Lots of women have very unique challenges to their business,” Lange said. “Whether it’s enough internet bandwidth while working from home, child and/or elder care, or schools closed,the female in the business world has a steep hill to climb. Buying something from a business that is owned by a woman will help relieve a little financial stress so she can weather the other storms in her life.”

Lange is a one-woman testament to the power of flexibility, improvisation and the courage to act when things are going badly. Lange invented a touchscreen purse for women to store and operate their smart phones without having to remove them from the purse. Duringthe global outbreak her business shrank by more than 95%. The retail outlets where the clever, fashionable and useful purses were sold were all closed. No one would have found fault with her had she just quit. But anyone who thought that Tami Lange would walk away from her once thriving enterprise had another thing coming.

Lange quickly found new opportunities and available channels to market and promote the Touch Screen PurseThe accessible conduit to new customers was online sales and television the avenue for promotion. Her web site could accommodate more sales without any major change. Television features with ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge, Howie Mandel, followed by another on ‘The View’ provided enough revenue for her initiative to remain viable. She sold over 14,000 of her touchscreen purses right after a feature on ‘Good Morning America’ (GMA). The sales from these televised features drove enough commerce for Lange to not only stay in business but expand to other lines for women that were as attractive as they were needed and useful.

She added full facial scarves, face shields, and bucket hats to help provide protection from airborne hazards and make a positive fashion statement. All are available via the Save The Girls web site, and at many of the retail outlets where Save The Girls Touchscreen Purses are sold.

About Save The Girls

Save the Girls is a female owned business that manufactures and sells uniquely designed touchscreen purses which allows purchasers to use their cell phones to text, answer calls and utilize other smartphone functions through their purse. The Soft Solution Scarf and nowthe full-face protective mask and headwear are the newest offerings from Save The Girls. They are perfect for any woman in the age ofthe Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic.