Natural Food for Your Skin, Your Skin Is Only as Good as What You Feed It

Aú Natural Skinfood is not just skin care, it’s skin food! Super foods like star ingredient Manuka honey offer deep hydration and many more skin health benefits. You’ll also find plenty of other natural ingredients native to pristine New Zealand like kiwi fruit.
Aú Natural is just as good for the planet as for people. The company has done away with single use plastic bottles and instead has created a line that provides you refillable aluminum bottles that you purchase only once and then refill with packs that are completely compostable and biodegradable. The Skinfood Discovery Kit is a 14 day supply of 4 travel-sized Au product essentials.
Au Natural Skinfood Discovery Kit
Generous 14-day supply of 4 travel-size essential Au products (All skin types).
• Includes Remove Cleanser, Prepare Lotion (Toner), AM Day Serum and PM Night Cream.
• Biome-positive Active 16+ Manuka honey, keeps your skin’s bacteria in balance.
• Strengthens your skin’s bacteria to fight environmental damage.
• Environmentally kind packaging – endlessly refillable – no single use plastic.

Try the Au Natural Skinfood Discovery Kit which contains four travel-size Au Natural essentials that work in perfect synergy to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier function, allowing it to use its own natural defense system to fight environmental damage, delivering strong and healthy skin for a lifetime. Active 16+ Manuka honey, ethically sourced New Zealand Pure Bee Venom, combined with active natural ingredients, healing enzymes and natural pre-biotics make these products suitable for all skin types. They are particularly effective on restoring health to problematic and mature skins. These products do not contain preservatives, parabens, nano-particles or toxic fillers.  Your skin is only as good as what you feed it!

This is a one-off purchase, you will not commit to a subscription. It’s that simple!

Included in the Kit:

– Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser 30ml/1.01 Fl. Oz
– Prepare Brightening Lotion & Toner 30ml/1.01 Fl. Oz.
– AM Day Serum 15g/0.53 Oz.
– PM Night Cream 15g/0.53 Oz.

DEFEND Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer
Natural hand sanitizing gel – deeply hydrates with effective bacteria control (Protect).

• Biome-positive Active16+ Manuka honey, keeps your skin’s bacteria in balance.
• Organic aloe vera leaves skin nourished, soft and smooth.
• Blood orange extract uplifts, moisturizes and smells delicious.
• Made with 74% plant-based alcohol, killing 99.9% of bacteria.
• Exceeds CDC Hand Hygiene Recommendations.

Keep your hands healthy, clean and nourished with our DEFEND Hand Sanitizer. Unlike most hand sanitizers, DEFEND uses plant-based alcohol, which is gentler on your skin than the regular stuff.

Enriched with Manuka honey and Aloe Vera, DEFEND leaves your hands nourished & hydrated. Plus, our special natural formula means won’t leave your hands feeling sticky afterwards. We’ve also added a dash of blood orange extract. Not only will your hands get some Vitamin C goodness, they’ll also smell amazing!

Scientific studies have shown that hand sanitizer with 70%+ content of alcohol is very effective at destroying the structure of viruses, including corona viruses. The alcohol attacks and destroys the protein envelope that surrounds the viruses which is vital for their survival. Our hand sanitizer contains 74% plant-based alcohol, surpassing the threshold for destroying viruses and exceeds the CDC Guidance for Healthcare Providers about Hand Hygiene and COVID-19 –CDC Hand Hygiene Recommendations.

About Au Natural Skinfood:

Au Natural Skinfood is a New Zealand skincare company with a simple ethos: less is more. Less useless or toxic filler ingredients, less unnecessary packaging, and less overpaying for underwhelming products. Au Natural Skinfood is taking on the big guys – one fearlessly healthy face at a time, and they truly want to sell you less of the stuff they make! Au Natural Skinfood uses simple, natural, but effective ingredients to strengthen and repair your skin. They even have the science to prove it.