Plan Ahead and Choose Your Entrée for Christmas or New Year’s Day at D’Artagnan

D’Artagnan believes food raised right tastes better. Before such buzz words existed, and for more than 35 years, D’Artagnan has been committed to free-range, natural production and sustainable, humane farming practices. D’Artagnan partners with small farms and ranches that do things right. These small farms and ranches are committed to free-range, sustainable and humane practices that respect animals and nature. Some are organic, others are certified humane, but all meet D’Artagnan uncompromising standards. None of the farmers use antibiotics or added hormones, and sign affidavits to that effect.

While D’Artagnan farmers are working hard to get the turkeys, geese, capons and hams (and more!) ready for the holiday season, they’re taking pre-orders. Plan ahead and choose your entrée for Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Berkshire Pork Bone-In Spiral Ham, Half Price $120.99

Pre-Order: Requires delivery between December 18, 2020 and December 23, 2020
  • Exceptionally tender, well-marbled style of pork Berkshire-breed pigs raised on pasture
  • No antibiotics or hormones from birth

Berkshire pork, also known as Kurobuta pork, makes the best ham. Uncured, fully-cooked, and ready-to-eat, D’Artagnan ham is naturally smoked over applewood without nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, or artificial fillers, and is seasoned with sea salt and raw cane sugar. The Berkshire hogs are raised on pasture, with no antibiotics or hormones, by a cooperative of small farms dedicated to humane and sustainable methods.

*Fresh / 8-10 lbs (Serves 16-18*), Servings based on 8oz per person.

Goose, Whole Starting at $164.99

  • Humanely-raised in a free-range environment
  • White Embden breed goose
  • No antibiotics, no hormones, ever

Since ancient times, a roasted goose on the table has signified a holiday or celebration. Goose is often compared to duck, with similar lean, dark and richly flavored meat – and plenty of rendered fat to use on potatoes. D’Artagnan small-scale Midwestern family farms follow careful, time-honored methods to produce geese fit for your special occasion meals. What’s good for the goose is good for you, too.

Cooking Methods: Roast, Poach then Roast, Smoke

Cooking Tips: When prepping a goose, trim the excess fat from the neck and cavity. That fat may be rendered and made into cracklings or used to cook with. Prick the skin all over to allow fat to escape while cooking and carefully remove rendered fat with a baster or large spoon about every 30 minutes. As with most poultry, when roasting a whole goose, the breast may be done first and can dry out while the legs are finishing. You can remove the breast and keep it tented with aluminum foil while continuing to cook the legs, basting often to keep them moist. Goose is cooked when the meat measures 165 – 170 degrees F on an instant-read thermometer and the breast juices run pale pink when pricked. As a rule of thumb, calculate between 13 and 15 minutes per pound unstuffed, and 18 to 22 minutes per pound stuffed. When the goose is done, remove it from the oven and let it rest for at least 20 to 25 minutes before carving.

*Servings based on 1.6 pounds per person.

Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak, Boneless $59.99

East meets west in D’Artagnan American Wagyu beef. The cattle are from Japanese stock, raised by experience, conscientious ranchers without antibiotics or hormones. A low-stress environment, plenty of space and a gradual feeding system in the Japanese style contribute to the amazingly tender, richly flavored and well-marbled beef.

  • Humanely raised
  • From authentic Wagyu stock
  • No antibiotics or hormones – ever
Frozen / 1 Steak (14 oz avg)
Experience all that is Wagyu with this ribeye steak: spectacular marbling, unsurpassed silky texture and intense beef flavor. Cut from the rib primal, the ribeye steak is rich and juicy with a good ratio of fat to meat, and when it’s Wagyu ribeye, you can expect the lacy intramuscular marbling that is a hallmark of the breed. Seared hot and fast in a pan, or on a grill, this boneless ribeye makes for an incomparable steak dinner.
  • Antibiotic- and hormone-free Wagyu beef
  • Hand-crafted using traditional techniques
  • Air-dried Wagyu beef eye round
1 Piece (1.75 – 2.25 lb avg)

Wagyu beef bresaola, made from beef raised humanely, with no antibiotics or hormones. This Italian-style charcuterie is hand-crafted and dry-cured with simple ingredients – nothing but beef, salt and spices. No nitrates or nitrites added. This Wagyu Bresaola is a decadent offering on a charcuterie board. Using a very sharp knife or a meat-slicer, cut paper-thin against the grain. You can add a light drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil to bring out its flavor. In Italy, bresaola is often served with a soft cheese, like Robiola, as part of an antipasti course.

Rack of Lamb, Frenched & Denuded (Australian) $75.99

D’Artagnan 100% grass-fed lamb is raised on pasture in Australia using traditional methods, grazing freely on rye and clover in the lush, mineral-rich plains. This creates a clean taste that is much milder than other lamb, which proves that the best practices can be tasted on the plate.

  • 100% grass-fed
  • Humanely raised on spacious pastures
  • No antibiotics or hormones from birth

Grass-fed lamb from Australia, raised humanely without antibiotics or hormones, in a natural and free-range environment which offers optimal growing conditions, and nutritious grasses like rye and clover for the lambs to eat. A stress-free lifestyle produces lamb that is distinctively clean tasting, mild, tender, and not at all gamey. This rack of lamb has been frenched down to the eye muscle and denuded, so there is no fat or silver skin left – making it a perfect choice for ‘lamb lollipops’ as chefs like to call them.

Charcuterie Holiday Box for 8 $84.99

  • Charcuterie Gift Box for Eight offers a wonderful variety of artisanal treats for food lovers
  • A great way to share your favorite D’Artagnan foods
  • Each item is handmade in small batches with D’Artagnan unique recipes
Assortment of 8 Charcuterie Favorites ($97+ value)

Charcuterie sampler, ready-to-eat and suitable for serving eight people. Great for friends, family, and foodies, this box includes a signature charcuterie assortment offering eight different D’Artagnan favorites. All you need to add is some grainy mustard, cornichons or olives, and bread or crackers to make it the perfect party. Conveniently packaged in a D’Artagnan gift box along with a charcuterie brochure offering serving tips, this food gift is full of bold, delicious and memorable flavors.

Includes: Saucisson Sec, Pork or Wild Boar (6 oz.), 1 Saucisson Sec, Duck (6 oz.),
Black Truffle Butter (3 oz.), 1 French Garlic Sausage (4 oz.), 1 Duck Rillettes (7 oz.)
Smoked Chicken Breast (10-12 oz.), 1 Mousse Truffée (8 oz.), 1 Duck Prosciutto (12 oz.)

D’Artagnan recommends taking delivery a week in advance of the holiday to avoid shipping during the busiest time of the year.

D’Artagnan 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

D’Artagnan consistent quality and commitment to excellence has kept their name in the best American restaurants and kitchens for more than 35 years. D’Artagnan is confident their meats and prepared foods are the best tasting you’ll find, which is why they back every purchase made at with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

About Ariane Daguin:

Ariane Daguin  of DArtagnan was born into a world of great food. Her father, André Daguin, chef-owner of the Hotel de France in Auch, Gascony, is famous throughout France for his artistry with foie gras and other Gascon specialties.Their consistent quality and commitment to excellence has kept the DArtagnan name in the best American restaurants and kitchens for more than 35 years.