Eyeglasses.com Unveils Top Safety Tips for Clearer Vision During Lockdown

Eyeglasses.com, a clear leader in the online optical industry, is sharing an important reminder that while in-person care may be more difficult during COVID lockdown, online services are still up and running 24/7.
“As optometrists risk a higher rate of infection in brick-and-mortar stores, websites are offering care providers safer choices with plenty of fashionable eyewear options without having to travel outside of their homes,” said Eyeglasses.com CEO Mark Agnew.
Eyeglasses.com is currently offering new customers a 15% discount with the code NEWYEAR15 on their first order, as well as helpful tips to make safety a priority during this stressful time.
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  • Does wearing glasses help protect against COVID, or possibly make it worse? According to company blog Vision Magazine, “the jury is still firmly out on whether everyday eyewear, such as eyeglasses, can offer any protection at all from COVID-19… you should not rely solely on eyeglasses to protect yourself or others from Coronavirus.”
  • While studies are not yet conclusive, many ophthalmologists are making a strong case for wearing eye protection such as glasses – which creates a barrier when an infected person coughs or sneezes nearby – to help lower the chances of contracting the coronavirus.
  • Remember to regularly sanitize glasses alongside hand washing to prevent spread of germs. Hot water, gentle non-abrasive soap and a soft cloth towel can easily do the job!
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