Ladybug Mini Nail Polish – Rainbows, Dreams, Glitter, Color, and FUN Make for Very Happy Life.

Shop small and support women led businesses. Find really unique, high-quality gifts made with LOVE. Ladybug Mini is a 10 Toxin Free nail polish collection for girls or the young at heart.
Ladybug Mini Nail Polish is formulated with 10 toxin-free, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. The perfect nail polish for girls and the young at heart. Made with love and extra sparkle!  Nail Polishes come in four vibrant shades: Abbie, Luna, Moonlight, Shooting Star.  Guided by the principles of holistic wellness, Ladybug Potions develops natural and non-toxic health and beauty products that teach women to learn about, appreciate, and improve their mental, emotional, and physical health.
Ladybug Mini nail polish is a girl’s dream come true! Bright, happy, and sparkly! Plus parents can feel good about these 10 toxin free, vegan, and cruelty- free formula!!

Ladybug Mini Nail Polish was created as an alternative to the conventional toxin laden nail polish for girls on the market. The founder’s own daughters loved to play dress up, and that frequently involved nail polish. When the founders realized that all these nail polishes were loaded with toxins, they freaked out, and decided to do something about it!

It didn’t feel right to know that parents were buying products for their children that were laden with toxins and hormone disrupting chemicals. What was even more surprising and disappointing was that makeup and nail polish marketed to young girls (laden with rhinestones, glitter, unicorns, and rainbows) was just as, if not, more toxic than adults’.

So…Ladybug set out to create a 10 toxin free, vegan, and cruelty-free nail polish that is MOMMY approved!! Your little ones will love them.

There are four shades available. You can wear them alone or combine them however you imagine. Guaranteed to produce giggles and a cosmic experience!

★ Abbie: A blue that reminds you of the most beautiful clear water and sunny days.

★ Luna: Hot pink fun that will have your hands smiling too.

★ Moonlight: Silver, glittery and inspired by fairy dust to shimmer and shine.

★ Shooting Star: Gold, glittery and with a hint of the sparkliest night sky.

Ladybug Mini Nail Polish is a non-toxic alternative to traditional nail polish for young girls. ⠀⠀
Let your girl play without worrying about toxic ingredients.
Ladybug Clean Beauty are cosmetics at their best- beautiful results and completely non-toxic! Safe enough for your youngest child to play with and for your tween and teen to use regularly. With no hormone-disrupting agents and “dirty” ingredients, you never have to worry!