Eco-Friendly Birthday Gift for Ryan’s Big 40th Birthday from Nixon, a Socal Local Brand

It has been two and half years since Ryan and I officially became Californian. One of our biggest reasons to move in San Diego is that we love ocean, we want to live somewhere close enough to enjoy the beautiful blue world more often. Ryan loves swimming, fishing, sea kayaking and sometimes surfing as well. And me, I grew up in a seaside city, I love ocean, it makes me feel like hometown. This May is Ryan’s 40th Birthday, it’s a big thing! We might plan a travel if the pandemic goes better and we feel safe enough to travel. But a nice birthday gift is still so important. I want to find something local, something sustainable, something he will love for sure.

Here comes to Nixon’s Light-Wave watch, which is the first solar-powered watch made from #tide ocean plastics. Powered by the sun, its unique construction keeps harmful plastics out of the world’s oceans. This dovetails with the introduction of digital non-solar powered surf and tide watches, and a full line of bags also made from ocean plastics.

Let’s take care of the ocean as much as it takes care of us—one right choice at a time.

Innovation doesn’t stop with features or design. Nixon’s sustainable watches push the envelope with their materials, too. Eco-friendly watches use alternative sources for the raw materials that make up the case, band, movement, or all of the above. For example, as part of the H2O Yeah! program, Nixon’s surf watches use REPREVE® Our Ocean™ recycled plastics. This material takes plastic that would otherwise wind up in the ocean and repurposes it into high-performance watch cases and bands. But they don’t stop there. Whenever possible, they use recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET), which generally comes from discarded, single-use plastic bottles. As a significant source of pollution, Nixon is proud to do their part to remove this plastic from landfills or waterways and give it new life in their watch line. The commitment to sustainable watches, clothing, and accessories is something they’re insanely proud of. Rest assured, Nixon is always looking for new ways to be more friendly to the environment. Nixon’s goal is to get waste out of the ocean and more people into it.

Staple Surf & Tide Watch

Set it and forget it. I chose The Staple for Ryan, who always has too many things to take care of. A nice timekeeper is perfect for him. Featuring an ultra-slim profile and a cushy new rubber-blend band, the Staple ticks the boxes of style, function and comfort. Customizable display layout allows you to display any two functions simultaneously, personalizing your piece to your needs at the touch of a button.

Packed with endless features, the Staple is Nixon’s ultimate “one-and-done,” time piece. With custom display layouts allowing you to display any two functions simultaneously, all you have to do is pick what’s most important to you. Time of day, chronograph, timer, alarm and date (with an auto calendar through 2099) all leave you with endless options to tee up your Staple exactly to your liking. Left with a tough decision? Squeeze the top buttons and let the new coin flip feature decide for you.

Nixon The Staple is the new “one-and-done” is done with one-use plastics. Now made with #tide recycled ocean plastics, the Staple looks as stylish as ever — but with an eco-friendly mission. Its razor-thin profile, customizable display, and plush rubber-blend band make it easy to wear, while the chic and modern design makes it easy on the eyes. Thanks to the rad new coin flip feature, the Staple makes important decisions simple. Whether it’s what’s for dinner or your next adventure, the Staple knows which road to take.

  • Design

Sustainable materials and low-profile performance drive the Staple’s design cues. A pair of perfectly broken-in skate shoes is an excellent analog to this watch’s all-day comfort and reliability.

  • Custom Display

Customizable display layout allows you to view any two functions simultaneously. Functions include: Time of day, day/date with auto calendar through 2099, chronograph with 1/100 second resolution, timer, and alarm.

  • Movement

Custom digital LCD module with dual independent mode loops. Functions include time of day, day/date with auto calendar through 2099, chronograph with 1/100 second resolution, timer, alarm, and EL backlight. Display layout allows for any two functions to be displayed simultaneously.

  • Water Rating
100 Meter/10ATM
  • Special Feature

Thanks to the rad new coin flip feature, The Staple makes important decisions simple. Whether it’s what’s for dinner or your next adventure The Staple knows which road to take.

Ransack Backpack

Take It All. The Ransack is a substantial capacity travel pack designed to keep your stuff—skateboard, laptop, water bottle, etc.—organized. When you’re not planning on offloading much gear, this is the bag to have on your back.

  • Design

Utilitarian without feeling overdesigned, the Ransack is an ideal travel companion. Comfort and convenience reign supreme, with every feature there to make your trip easier.

  • Storage

External skate straps and water bottle holder. Laptop (15″) storage with external zipper access. Plus, internal organization pockets keep essentials right where you need them.

  • Stay Connected

NFC-enabled chip gives you instant access to what’s new at Just tap your phone and go.


Recycled Ocean Plastics

Every product makes a difference in Nixon H20Yeah! Bags Collection. Constructed with 600D polyester exterior and 70D polyester interior made from REPREVE® Our Ocean™ and REPREVE® recycled plastics.

Being environmentally conscious in material choices is a high priority for Nixon. Nixon has done extensive research to find the right partners to help them make quality watch bands out of alternative materials. Nixon’s sustainable watch band offering comprises three different materials: pineapple leather, #TIDE recycled plastics, and standard recycled plastics. Pineapple leather is a relatively new material made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves, PLA, and resin. This PETA-approved, vegan material can do anything natural leather can do, including making beautiful eco-friendly watch straps.

The second is Nixon’s #TIDE recycled plastic nylon. For this watch band material, they exclusively use plastic waste destined to wind up in the ocean. By partnering with local seaside recycling programs, Nixon can get the material needed to make stylish and durable recycled watch bands while keeping our ocean playground cleaner. Finally, Nixon uses standard RPET (recycled plastic) for other nylon watch straps. While the raw, recycled material comes from a broader range of sources, it still reduces their watch bands’ environmental impact. Nixon’s sustainability efforts don’t stop here, and with your support, they can continue to look for innovative ways to take care of our planet while still making great products.