Go Through Things in Life with Emerson & Oliver – Metallic Bracelets You Can Easily Wear 24/7 for Any Occasion

Today, we are all on-the-go, juggling life’s many adventures. Selecting jewelry that fits our lifestyle is a must. No one wants to go without some bling just because of a busy schedule, right?

Emerson & Oliver was made for people who wear their jewelry 24/7. Go from day to evening with their stunning pieces, whether you’re in casual attire or dressed to the nines, and not worry about them rusting or tarnishing.

The stand-out collection of Dia metallic bracelets are an essential part of any wardrobe. The name “Dia” is taken from the Greek word meaning “through.” According to the brand, we don’t get “over” things in our lives, we go “through” them. Dia bracelets are jewelry that can be worn through anything life presents you with. Take a peek.

Metallics Dia Bracelet Sets

The Metallics Dia Collection is made up of stainless steel and plated stainless steel bracelets. All are available in 7″, 7 ½” & 8 ¼” sizes. Because Dia bracelets are springs, they’ll stretch and rebound to an extent but will lose shape if pulled with force.

Emerson & Oliver signature piece, and where it all began

Say hello to your new daily drivers!

Each set is made up of individual stainless steel industrial springs

Please be gentle while taking bracelets on and off, so roll on a few at a time

Price: Starting at $30

In diversity, there is beauty and strength.

Each set is made up of individual stainless steel springs and plated stainless steel springs (rose gold/sterling/gold/matte black)

The plated stainless steel will not rust but will fade with wear and/or water.

Price: Starting at $38

Dia Charms

  • The perfect addition to personalize a Dia Bracelet

  • Choose from zodiac charms to hamsa handkarmaharmony, and many more

  • Price: Starting at $20

Dia Subscriptions

Receive a Charmed set of 3 – 7″ Dia bracelets

Hand-selected by the brand’s team to accessorize your Dia collection

Price: $14.99/month

Each week or month you’ll receive a mini set of 5 – 7″, 7½”, 8¼” – Dia bracelets to plump up your Dia collection

Price: $14.99/month

Giving Back

Emerson & Oliver vows to be a part of changing the world and taking care of each other on the road to making it a better place. Portions of the brand’s proceeds have been in support of Black Girls Code and Feeding America.

About Emerson & Oliver:

Emerson & Oliver is a lifestyle brand started by two best friends who have shared a friendship for 30 years. Owned and operated by Laura Bascomb-Werth and Mary Presutti, this quality collection has been inspired by their similar taste, interest in fashion, and distinct individual styles. The brand is known for its signature stainless steel spring Dia bracelets. Follow them on Instagram @emersonandoliver.

Meet Emerson & Oliver, your soon-to-be favorite jewelry line. For people who wear jewelry 24/7, its amazing Dia bracelet collection doesn’t tarnish or rust regardless of the activity. Wear them at work or play, and in the shower, pool, or sea. Dia are a must-have, easily carrying them from day to night, beach to black-tie!