Using Sustainable Metals and Gemstones, Classic Luxella Design will Last for Generations

Luxella Design is a jeweler like no other. Combining innovative, modern shapes and lines with organic textures to create timeless, elegant pieces, all while maximizing the use of sustainably sourced products to respect our planet.

It is the creation of Ana Guimaraes, a California trained artist, who creates jewelry in her Berkeley, California studio, with love, inspired by global experiences, family and nature. Like a cityscape—whether a park in San Francisco, the harbor front in Toronto, or Times Square in New York— the inspiration comes together to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

Star Light Collection

Nature is beautiful. Nature is alive. The star-shaped pods of the star anise plant are strikingly beautiful, as exotic in their shape as they are in their flavor. Recreated in sterling silver or gold, they shine brilliantly like a star.

The Star Light Collection integrates the uncommon beauty of the star anise plant with the power of light. The message is the unending relevance of Mother Nature.

The designer Ana has lived in northern Canada, and even on the coldest, darkest nights there was a sparkle in the morning, shining brightly off the snow. She has recreated this feeling—of snow falling softly, silently, and brilliantly—in Snowflake Earrings.

Luxella Teen

Luxella Teen is an eco-friendly, sustainable teen jewelry business. The pieces are handmade with recyclable metals using innovative materials. The line is modern and trendy while respecting Mother Earth!

All handmade by Ana Paola, a middle school student in California who designs and creates all the pieces. Inspired by nature and her own international experiences, the pieces are very accessible and perfect for any occasion, from school to a fancy dinner. Stay tuned for the Luxella teen website coming soon.

Butterfly Collection

This line is inspired by the amazing, majestic monarch butterfly. Their annual migration from Mexico to Canada—2,500 miles—is powered by small, delicate wings. Ana feels a powerful connection to the monarch, since she was born and raised in Mexico, have lived in Canada, and now live in the USA. Small wings, but such power. Small is beautiful. Small does not mean insignificant.

Habitat loss, adverse weather events, and herbicides have contributed to a steep decline in monarch populations over the last 20 years. It’s hard to imagine that the grandchildren might not be able to learn and see the great monarch migration. Ana’s salute to the monarch in this butterfly collection is meant to help raise awareness about this issue.

Luxella is handmade in the USA—Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted by Ana in her studio in Berkeley, California using mostly sustainably sourced products. She combines modern shapes and lines with organic textures in creative ways to create jewelry that is classic and will last for generations. She strives to maximize the use of sustainably sourced products to create her jewelry. Luxella is commitment to community and giving back—Luxella Design donates to The Practice Space, a non-profit organization in the Bay Area which teaches youth and adults effective communication strategies in a safe, supportive place. The Practice Space primarily works with underserved communities and helps grow leaders who inspire positive change.