A Cool Tattoo Art Wallet Makes Ryan’s Anniversary Gift Couldn’t Be Better!

Summer is back, that means a lot of engagement parties and weddings are coming. Yes, who doesn’t love having a beautiful romantic event in nice and warm weather? Ryan and I engaged at Key West on June 3rd back in 2017. It has been 4 years, and we tried to make a small celebration every year. A little nice gift is always important. We won’t spend a lot of money on anniversary of engagement. But it is nice to gift something he needs at a special timing. This year, I chose a new wallet for him. And I know he was about to have a new wallet to replace the one which he used for years.

NĀ KOA tattoo art wallet is the one I totally love and I know that he would love as well. NĀ KOA products are handcrafted from fine quality leather. With genuine Polynesian tattoo art, created by local tattoo artists with deep knowledge of their culture and meanings. Offered at affordable prices.

Lulu’s Choice

Tribal Shark Tattoo Bifold Wallet
– Design: Mano By Kuaika Quenga

Tribal tattoo wallet with a slim profile to easily fit into your back or front pocket conveniently.

Motifs and meanings*: Calm, observant & protective when needed. Kuaika incorporated two motifs that refer to the Guardians of the ocean: mano (shark) and tentacles of an octopus.

Together with the spearheads and taro leaves of the design, they speak of calm and observant strength, that’s yet ready to fiercely protect when necessary. The Mano design has quickly become one of the most popular designs.

*according to the artist as well as additional popular interpretations 

This Hawaiian tattoo wallet is a slim billfold wallet that has been crafted with love and care.  The tattoo art by Hawaiian tattoo artist Kuaika Quenga has been placed on the leather with a unique method that leaves the natural leather exposed and preserves the soft feel and finish of the genuine cow leather.

It’s slim for an easy fit yet can hold a lot of your stuff in it’s four card slots, two multi-function pockets, one full-length billfold and a conveniently placed ID window.  The pebbled leather is super and pliable, and will mold itself to comfortably accommodate your daily wallet essentials.

    • 4 card slots for credit cards —you can fit more than one card into a slot
    • 2 additional slide-in compartments for receipts, cards and more
    • Full length bill compartment with stylish black on black stripes interior lining
    • Convenient ID window
    • Easy-open bi-fold closure
    • Slim line design – no bulging pants pockets
    • Made from 100% pebbled leather—soft and pliable (Bourbon color wallets is made from velvety antiqued 100% leather)
    • NĀ KOA signature logo debossed inside
    • Black leather interior
    • Imported from India
    • Dimensions:
      • 14 “ (L) x 3 14 “ (H)
      • Weight: 2 oz

All NĀ KOA tribal tattoo wallets for men come in a ruggedly attractive gift box, and make a great gift for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd with a beautifully-designed, unique wallet.

Order your NĀ KOA men’s wallet today and enjoy a unique wallet that makes a personal statement. Your order will be shipped from Hawaii. Normally, it takes between 3-8 days for reach you on the US mainland. You will receive also an email with tracking information.

About NĀ KOA

The NĀ KOA product line of leather accessories with Polynesian tattoo art was launched in 2015 as a labor of love by Patch of Shade, Inc owner Andrea Butter after several years of research.

The product line launched with a small collection of men’s bifold wallets and card holders.  Today you can choose from a wide variety of men’s and women’s wallets, cuff wristlets, and even bags, with authentic tattoo art created by award-winning tattoo artists with Hawaiian, Maori, Marquesan, Tahitian, and Samoan backgrounds and training.

Each tattoo design combines motifs and images that create meanings and tell a story. The art gets placed on leather using a proprietary process that makes the art completely durable yet preserves the characteristic touch of genuine, quality leather.

NĀ KOA products can be found at www.nakoa.com and across Hawaii in stores that offer Hawaiian and Polynesian cultural products, including the Pacifica shop at the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum in Honolulu.