Bring Some Fun and Sustainability to Your Kitchen This Summer with Papaya Reusable Paper Towel

Ready for some of my favorite eco-friendly kitchen swaps? Not only do they make your kitchen greener, they also make life a whole lot easier! Papaya is a forward-thinking brand that has developed a reusable paper towel making sustainability accessible to everyone –  from zero-wasters to sustainability-newbies. No more need to hoard bulky paper towels again! Eco Facts: More than 50,000 trees are cut down every day for single-use paper towels. As they decompose, they release methane gas – a leading cause of global warming. The brand is the first to offer a subscription where customers can curate a box with their choices every two to four months, selecting from artistic designs that put plain old white paper towels and your grandma’s dish towels to shame!

Unlike dish towels, Papaya zero waste paper towels are all natural, antibacterial (so they don’t get that mildew smell) and even compostable! They’re also way more absorbent than average towels which tend to just move the mess around. Would you reach for a kitchen towel to clean an oil spill? Probably not, because you’d have to throw it straight in the laundry! With reusable paper towels, you can get down and dirty like a paper towel, then just rinse out the mess and hang to dry!

We all know what a wash cloth is.
But how is it different than a reusable paper towel?

  • Reusable Paper Towels are made of all-natural cellulose & cotton. Which means unlike most wash cloths that end up in the landfill, they’re 100% compostable!
  • They’re antibacterial. Icky mildewy smells are so last year. Upgrade your cleaning products with reusable paper towels that dry so fast, they inhibit they growth of bacteria.
  • They’re absorbent AF. Stop pushing around spills with your wash cloth – and start absorbing every single drop with reusable paper towels that absorb 20x their own weight in liquid!
  • They come with a unique hole-and-hook system. No more where-do-i-put-this-wet-wash-cloth-to-dry dilemmas! Papaya reusable paper towels come with a hole and hanging hook, for quick drying and easy storage.
  • They’re way cuter than wash cloths. If none of these reasons compel you to make the switch, this one should!

There are a million ways to use a reusable paper towel!
Here’s our favorite non-exhaustive list:

  • Use it to remove nail polish! Saturate a dry reusable paper towel with nail polish remover, and go at it! Unlike cotton rounds, you won’t get any bits and pieces stuck on your nails!
  • Use it to soften brown sugar! Nothing more annoying than having to unclump rock-hard brown sugar. Instead of going through the hassle, just put a damp Papaya paper towel into your brown sugar jar overnight and it should be soft as sand!
  • Use it to buff your car! The material reusable paper towels are made of is perfect when it comes to cleaning your car. Goodbye chamois, hello cute reusable paper towels.
  • Use it to clean your walls! Papaya paper towels have the perfect buffing texture to gently remove tough-to-clean stains and scuffs!
  • Use it to chill a beer in 15 minutes! This is a lifehack you NEED. All it takes to make a lukewarm drink turn ice cold is wrapping a damp Papaya paper towel around it, and throwing it in the freezer!
  • Use it to keep produce fresh! Fridge moisture is a huge reason produce goes bad quicker than it should. To make it last longer, add a dry Papaya paper towel on top of your spinach, berries etc. to prolong its life!
  • Use it to scrub your bathtub! Papaya paper towels are tough on stains, and easy on the eyes. Add your fave cleaning solution, and get scrubbing!
  • Use for streak-free glass cleaning! Unlike regular paper towels, ours are perfect at getting that streak free, lint-free window glow we all know and love.
  • Use it to clean your makeup brush! What better motivator to clean a makeup brush than an ultra-cute reusable paper towel? Just add your cleaning solution, and dab your brush against its surface! Rinse, and you’re good to go!

Going green isn’t always easy! There’s so much to learn, so many old habits to kick and new things to try. But at the end of the day, living sustainably isn’t about being perfectly zero waste. It’s simply about showing up. Making choices. Living mindfully for yourself and those around you. And that’s something you can feel oh-so-good about.

Switching to reusable paper towels is an absolute life-changer. No more clunky paper towel rolls taking up space in your pantry, no more wasting an entire roll on a single spill, no more spending unnecessary money on a cleaning product that runs out way too fast. When you switch to Papaya, you get a cute AF cleaning product that replaces 17 rolls of paper towel, absorbs 20x its own weight, and is good for the planet.