Luxury Nib & Ink – Revival of the Classic Status Symbol, The Luxury Fountain Pen

With an increase in the sale of the mighty pen over the past couple of years, as more people turn to handwriting (and buying online in the current climate), I am delighted to introduce you to these elite ‘power tools’ from luxury gift emporium, Pen Heaven in case they might be of interest to you…

Becoming a hot favorite as an investment piece, it appears the classic status symbol has gone full circle since the digital age erupted, with sales of fountain pens in particular on the rise again. Along with elite pen brands such as Yard O Led, Montegrappa, and Graf Von Faber Castell, they are a number of new designs emerging including the latest edition from leading German pen specialists, Otto Hutt, who have just launched the Design 08 Solid Brass Fountain Pen in collaboration with leading Berlin-based designer (and lover of Bauhuas), Mark Braun.

Priced at $1,170 having just launched on the new International site from Pen Heaven, this super luxe Fountain Pen (a Rollerball is also available) has a monochrome ruthenium plated finish, featuring a unique pull & twist mechanism and 18k gold nib. The style and craftsmanship is reflective of both Braun’s and Otto Hutt’s common admiration of Bauhaus design – classic logic and industrial-shaped clarity. It is a holistic design concept that is concerned with the idea of high-quality, in-house sustainable production and following the exemplary ethos of the brand for creating products that will last a lifetime.

Offering a grand selection of fine writing instruments that will last a lifetime and become excellent family heirlooms. If you are looking for an extra special gift, Pen Heaven premium collection of pens offer unique craftsmanship from luxury heritage brands such as Yard O Led and Graf von Faber-Castell. Choose from a variety of luxurious finishes such as sterling silver, gold, precious resin and unusual woods. Most fountain pens will also feature a solid gold nib which has the added advantage of adapting to your writing style over time. All premium gifts are presented in large gift boxes which create the right impression.