Perfect Hydration’s aluminum cans keep water cooler longer and are ideal for stacking – whether you are taking it to the beach or on a hike.

pH is a 9.5+ pH alkaline water with electrolytes, purified to its cleanest form by a 9-stage filtration process, and enhanced through a proprietary alkalizing process to provide maximum hydration in every bottle. Common foods we crave during the Summer months – such as meat for grilling and delicious dairy ice cream – increases your body’s natural pH to acidic levels, creating an environment for inflammation and disease. High pH alkaline water helps support your body’s natural pH of 7.4 and battles the acidic diet side effects.

Perfect Hydration, the ultra-purified alkaline water with electrolytes launched their premium, enhanced water in a 16 oz. recyclable aluminum can to meet the growing demand for functionality, hydration, and sustainability. The line extension features aluminum that can be recycled indefinitely and Perfect Hydration’s notable crisp, blue, color-blocked design. It is the first 9.5+ pH alkaline water in a 16.9 oz aluminum can. A perfect 1 pint serving size to keep you hydrated and keep you going. Perfect Hydration is not ordinary water. It is supercharged water that is purified to its cleanest form through a 9-stage filtration process.

As a part of a multiple-pronged approach to sustainability, Perfect Hydration is currently vetting claims associated with recycled plastics (rPET) and has committed to launching bottles made with 100% rPET in Q1 of 2021. Perfect Hydration is also committed to the continued use of renewable, domestic water sources. Their proprietary nine-stage filtration and alkalizing process enables the brand to transform water from any supply into crisp, refreshing, pH Water. Unlike other brands that mine water sheds and mineral springs, pH doesn’t have to ship water to or from remote locations across the globe. In addition, Perfect Hydration’s bottles are made of BPA-free, 100% recyclable PET-1.

In Q1 of 2020, pH successfully launched two larger sizes – 1.5-liter and One-Gallon bottles – at Ralph’s, Albertson’s southern divisions, and select CVS stores to name a few. Perfect Hydration is sold in 1-liter and 20-ounce bottles in convenience, mass, drug and grocery stores nationwide and online via Amazon and Instacart.

Perfect Hydration 9.5+ pH alkaline water is ultra-purified through a 9-stage filtration and alkalizing process, and enhanced with electrolyte minerals for a crisp, pure, taste. For more information, visit or follow the brand on Facebook or Instagram.

About Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water

We all know that water is foundational to our well-being – our health and our life depend on it. The team at Perfect Hydration is committed to producing the finest water possible. Our 9.5+ pH alkaline water is purified to its cleanest form through 9-stages of filtration, enhanced through a proprietary alkalizing process, and balanced with electrolyte minerals. pH Water is currently offered in grocery, convenience, club, and online channels across the US. Perfect Hydration is part of the Stratus Group, a diversified, LA-based company that excels in identifying and producing innovative, on-trend, great tasting, better-for-you, natural beverages.