Southern Caramel – A tradition in creating the best caramel you have ever tasted

Life is too short for bad caramels. When it comes to sweets, we need to eat something good, good for your kids, as well as for yourself. I am picky to any candies, chocolates and desserts. But if it’s good, I will enjoy it without hesitates. Health is important, while being happy somehow is more important.

At Southern Caramel they make one thing and they make it well. Southern Caramel believes that the art of making handmade caramel is more than the mastery of blending ingredients together. In its simplest form, caramel is only three ingredients. But not all caramel is created equal.
Southern Caramel has honed their recipe over time through a process that was admittedly a little tricky to perfect. Years were spent in the kitchen making recipe tweaks and adjustments until they arrived at what they felt was the BEST caramel on the market. Southern Caramel knows what caramel should look like, what caramel should smell like, and they know that caramel cooks a little differently in August than it does in January. Southern caramel is made without the aid of preservatives and still maintains a shelf life of four months unrefrigerated (up to a year when refrigerated).
Southern caramels are made from scratch and by hand using pure ingredients, just like grandma used to make and with a whole lotta love. Each box is then packaged for each individual order. The fact that Southern caramels are made in small batches allows them to maintain a level of quality throughout their production process that results in exceptional taste and product consistency.
Nothing compares to the taste of true caramel. So what makes Southern Caramel different from the other caramel manufacturers? The main thing that sets them apart from the rest of the pack is the flavor and the manner in which the caramel dissolves in your mouth without sticking to your teeth. Southern Caramel starts the process with pure cane sugar and then they caramelize it. This may seem like an obvious step, but many caramel manufacturers do not take the time to truly caramelize their sugar. The unfortunate result is a sugary, sweet, brown filling that lacks the depth of flavor that characterizes true caramel. Southern caramels do not contain any artificial flavors, artificial colors or preservatives and are naturally gluten-free. Southern Caramel feels pretty strongly about this, but they think your caramel should taste like… well, caramel.

Lime Salted Caramel

Perfect for summertime, Southern Caramel original recipe caramel is sprinkled with house made lime salt. Just a hint of lime, this one reminds us of key lime pie with a caramel drizzle.

Bourbon Caramel

As with all the flavors, a recipe is only as good as the ingredients used to make it. That is why Southern Caramel uses top-shelf bourbon the Bourbon Caramels. There is nothing subtle about these Bourbon Caramel so if you enjoy a nice glass of bourbon, this caramel is perfect for you.

Sampler Box

Can’t decide on which taste-tempting caramel delight to choose? This Sampler Box contains four quarter-pound boxes of your favorite flavors! Excellent choice for weddings, showers, corporate gifts, closing gifts… always makes a wonderful heartfelt Thank You gift for friends, family and coworkers. Note: Only one premium flavor per Sampler Box, please.