Take A Moment to Be Still and Enjoy Your Cup of Don Pablo Coffee

Your morning sets the tone to your whole day, so let’s choose to make it a great one. Start your morning slowly and wake up with a nice cup pf coffee. Weekday mornings are hard but it can be a bit easier with Don Pablo Coffee. Let’s take a moment to ourselves and sip in silence while the world is still and the sun begins to rise. To make the most out of your day, it’s important to give yourself a little time in the morning.

  • Quality – Don Pablo Coffee uses 100% specialty-grade Arabica from the top 2% of the world’s coffee production.
  • Method – Don Pablo Coffee roasts in multiple small batch roasters.
  • Expertise – Don Pablo Coffee has the expertise to unlock the beans’ full flavor potential based on its altitude and terroir
  • Freshness – Don Pablo Coffee roasts to-order for all of the customers, large and small
  • Don Pablo Coffee sells superlative quality coffee at a price that represents an incredible value to customers

CharBeanz Organic DARK Roast Coffee

CharBeanz is a special blend of the highest quality Organic Latin American Arabica Coffee beans. This Full City Roast is fired at a full 453 degrees Fahrenheit to give you an intense body and extra bold flavor without bitterness or a lingering bad aftertaste of inferior or burned beans.

CharBeanz DARK Coffee is bold, dark and smokey yet rich and tasty! 100% Arabica coffee, Non-GMO, Full City Roast. Available in 12oz and 2lb bags.

Don Pablo Bourbon Infused Coffee

Calling all bourbon lovers. You can now enjoy the taste of bourbon in your morning coffee (without the alcohol!). Don Pablo Coffee introduces its bourbon-infused roast, crafted in small batches that creates an intense, full-bodied blend that definitely isn’t your average cup of joe. The flavorful, aromatic roast has quickly become a sought-after blend among those with a love for specialty coffee that’s nonalcoholic. With intense tasting notes and superior beans, the brand has taken the art of roasting to new levels. By soaking the coffee beans in real Kentucky Bourbon, they then are roasted to perfection for a delicious infusion of flavor without the alcohol.

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Bourbon Coffee:

Traditional Drip Machine: Add two level measuring tablespoons of finely ground coffee (fine granular sand, not yet a powder) to each six ounce cup of water.

Hand Drip Method: Add 2 level measuring tablespoons of medium-fine ground coffee to each six ounce cup of water. Heat water to 190-195 F (88-90.5 C) degrees, pre-soak grounds, slowly add water in a clockwise motion. Adjust to taste.

French Press: Add 2 level measuring tablespoons of coarse ground coffee per six ounce cup of water and adjust to taste. Water temperature should be between 190-195 F (88-90.5 C) degrees. Never add boiling water.

*For an unforgettably intense Bourbon flavor and aroma, add two fully rounded measuring tablespoons of finely ground coffee to each six ounce cup of water. Whole Bean recommended for optimal flavor.

Subtle Earth Organic Swiss Water Process Decaf

Naturally decaffeinated utilizing the Swiss Water Process method. Tastes like the real thing without the caffeine!

Full body with a deep, rich, chocolaty flavor and a clean finish. Smooth milk chocolate with notes of honey, caramel and cocoa. 100% Arabica coffee, Non GMO, Certified Organic by CCOF.

The slight caramelization of the natural sugars in the bean give this Medium-Dark coffee a touch of roastiness, while it still retains its natural flavor character, giving it a sweet, pleasant aftertaste with low acidity.

*Note: Because of the Swiss Water Processing, the beans will appear darker than the level they are roasted to.

All Don Pablo Decaf Specialty Coffees are decaffeinated utilizing the Swiss Water® Process method, which uses nothing but pure water to gently rinse the beans of their caffeine content without disrupting their natural flavor. The Swiss Water Process ensures the beans are guaranteed to be 99.9% caffeine-free.

Don Pablo then small-batch artisan roast these special beans to slightly caramelize the coffee’s natural sugars just right, and give a slight roastiness to a naturally smooth, sweet coffee. The result is a sweet, rich, and oh-so-smooth low-acid coffee that tastes just like the real thing – without the caffeine!

About Don Pablo Coffee Growers & Roasters:

Established in 2004, Don Pablo Coffee is a family owned, vertically integrated coffee company located in Miami, Florida. Don Pablo grows their own coffee in Colombia, S.A. and purchase only the highest quality Arabica specialty coffee beans from all over the world. Don Pablo’s partnership with the largest private coffee milling and exporting company in Latin America allows us select the top 1% of Arabica coffee beans available. They small batch roast all their Specialty Coffees to order to deliver the highest quality, freshly roasted specialty coffees to their valued customers within days of roasting.

At Don Pablo Coffee, they are actively sourcing the best quality specialty grade beans from the top 2% of the world’s coffee production. Their roots in Colombia and Honduras, and the decades-long relationships with other coffee farmers in Latin America, Africa, and Asia that Don Pablo has, makes this possible. Don Pablo draws on the timeless Latin American traditions of roasting quality coffee fresh to order in small batches, to bring customers in the US and the rest of the world, a better cup of coffee, every time.