This Gift Totally Touched My Heart – A Personal Engraved Propelling Pencil from Pen Heaven

As you may know, I am a blogger, but actually I am a professional artist. I started to draw when I was 6 years old, and then the art life continues. After art collage, plus two graduate school studies, I received two master degrees in Fine Arts. Art is my life and I am super lucky to have my family supporting me to chase my art dreams. For me, or any other artists & designers, the best gift is always something related with our professions. If you ever look through my holiday gift list, you would be surprised that 90% of the things that I really want are art supplies. My parents in law ask me to think about something else, like anything more personal – a designer dress? a bottle of perfume? But I have to say, if you can gift me something that I feel too expensive to buy in my daily life, I really want some better art supplies, those are the best gift for me!

An engraved propelling pencil has been on my shopping list for a long time. The normal pencils are fine. But a good propelling pencil makes a big difference, which I don’t need to sharpen it a lot, and I can carry it with me all the time without dirtying my purse. There is another reason very important, I love to have a personal engraved pencil with my art company’s name on it. Pen Heaven offers a grand selection of fine writing instruments that will last a lifetime and become excellent family heirlooms.

Add a sense of refinement to your note taking and doodling with a propelling pencil made from quality materials such as carbon fiber and sterling silver (the added weight gives an extra feeling of control). Pen Heaven stock pencils from brands such as Cross, typically with an HB lead, and a width between 0.5 and 0.9. For a truly unique writing experience try the revolutionary Yoropencil with its finger support and ergonomic grip, or the Worther if you need to draw on unusual surfaces such as wood or glass.

Faber-Castell Ambition Pearwood Pencil

Reach for new heights of style with the Ambition mechanical pencil. Faber-Castell have taken a bold departure from conventional luxury writing instruments, opting for a straight-edged profile made up of right-angles and clean lines. A barrel of unpolished brown pearwood brings a certain artisanal quality to the whole design. Keep a little slice of German design at your fingertips with this simply excellent mechanical pencil.

Key Features

  • The barrel is made of pearwood and the natural variations in the grain make every pen unique
  • Gleaming chrome-plated metal trims
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Spring-loaded clip
  • Fitted with 0.7mm lead
  • Replaceable eraser underneath removable end cap
  • Twist action

Pen Heaven use a state of the art laser engraving machine which gently etches away the top layer of the pen to reveal the base metal underneath. The color of engraving depends on the base metal underneath. Lacquered pens tend to engrave with a brass finish, whilst chrome pens with a subtle two tone effect (check preview on every product page). 3 font choices are offered.

(LULU.LIVE ART) on my pencil

Pen Heaven can engrave any letter, number or character that can entered from a standard computer keyboard, in any language. This includes English, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic etc. Pen Heaven can engrave UTF8 symbols. Either choose from the list or copy and paste your own.

Each pen has a limit to the amount of characters Pen Heaven can engrave due to its size and curvature. Look out for the character limit on each product page.

Other pencils on my list:

Calligraphy Pens

LAMY joy Calligraphy Pen Set – Black & Red

Practice the traditional art of calligraphy with sets from brands such as Lamy and Sheaffer. Sets come with different nib widths so that you can try your hand at different calligraphy techniques, and learn the basics from the booklets provided.

Whether you’re a master calligrapher or you’re only just beginning to explore the art of writing, the LAMY joy is an excellent choice of tools. The distinctive ergonomic grip aids proper finger placement and improves control, and the three easy-change italic nibs are of varying widths, allowing you to practice different lettering styles.

Fountain Pens

Waterman Hemisphere Matt Black Gold Trim Fountain Pen

A fountain pen is about the smooth flowing style, returning to a time honoured tradition. Explore our range of nibs from extra fine to broad, including those for left handers from Lamy. See Pen Heaven comparison of different nib widths. Go for Gold! Graf Von Faber Castell, Cross Townsend and Waterman Carene’s (among others) gold nib adjust to your handwriting over time. Choose superior quality and value with Platinum fountain pens, their unique music nib encouraging smoother ink flow.

The Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen exudes elegance, with clean lines and minimalist detailing bringing its stylish simplicity to the fore. This Matt Black finish brings the Hemisphere right in line with contemporary design, whilst a little luxury is added by touches of 23k gold plate. The grip features a ridged base to support the fingers and offer unparalleled comfort and control.

Feather Quills & Dip Pens

Brown Pewter Feather Quill & Ink Bottle with Pen Holder

Discover the charm of simpler times with our range of feather quill and dip pens by Coles Calligraphy, handcrafted in Italy. Feather quills are made from genuine goose feather in a variety of colours, with a removeable nib. Pen Heaven hand blown Venetian glass pen set makes a pretty gift, whilst the ostrich feather is for those with a flamboyant streak. Art lovers will enjoy the wood dip pen with 8 ink colours. All sets are presented in a gift box which may include a variety of nib sizes, quill stands, ink bottles, calligraphy booklet.

The Brown Pewter Feather Quill & Ink Bottle with Pen Holder set is a traditional design statement for any desk, made from genuine goose feather with intensive attention to detail. Crafted in Italy, the set comes packaged in a premium gift box and will make the ideal gift for calligraphy and art lovers. Includes an elegant brass feather quill holder and black ink to get you started.

About Pen Heaven:

Pen Heaven, founded in 2008, offer a comprehensive range of writing instruments and leather goods with in-house engraving and embossing. Specialists in classic brands such as Parker, Cross and Lamy, Pen Heaven also boast some more unusual and hard-to-find items such as the Japanese hand painted Platinum range, Italian calligraphy sets and the design focused Worther brand.