Beauty and the City Beauty Box Launches a Vegan Cause-Driven Beauty Box with a Glow

Are you ready to look your natural best every day and every season? If you are, then Beauty and the City is ready to treat you with a special hand-curated beauty box subscription. The hand-curated collection features an extraordinary lineup of vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic cosmetics designed to be used in 5 to 7 minutes for a quick glow.

Self-care is key to looking great and feeling even better!

Beauty and the City Beauty Box helps you achieve that perfect natural look every day. Your Beauty Box is your new personal beauty concierge that consists of hand-selected products personalized for YOU. With your Beauty Box, you can achieve a quick glow-up in your daily routine in 5 to 7 minutes max based on your beauty style and preferences.

This Beauty Box was created to provide clean, vegan beauty solutions to customers every quarter to fit their needs. The products in the Beauty and the City Beauty Box are based upon three principles that uphold the Beauty and the City brand story.  The three principles are 1) Care and Repair; 2) Glow, and 3) Beautiful in Five.  Care and Repair is represented in Beauty and the City Beauty Box only exclusives like the Beauty and the City Tea Mist packed with B Vitamins, Aloe, White Tea, Pineapple, and Raspberry Extracts to produce actual restorative and healing results. Also, the Beauty and the City Vitamin C Serum is another one of the brand’s all-natural regenerative products. It effectively restores facial elasticity, diminishes facial lines, and evens skin tone.  These products are formulated with only healthy ingredients, no harsh chemicals or parabens.  Principle number two is Glow, characterized as an amazing look of natural radiance, Beauty and the City’s product line was built on the concept of a customer using the products to Glow in 2 minutes or less. A natural glow is instantly a sign of youth, rest, happiness, and beauty. Products like the Beauty and the City Bronzer Tint can instantly provide a light all-natural Glow in any season. Using it with moisturizer or foundation easily provides radiance in seconds. This is why the product is part of the hand-curated selection list for the Beauty and the City Beauty Box.  And principle three, Beautiful in Five is the benefit users get from a make-up routine that gives stunning glam in just 5 minutes.  The Beauty in the City Beauty Box was created for customers who only have 5 minutes for their beauty routine and want the convenience of having clean, vegan beauty products hand-curated for them, which will have a big impact in just 5.

Knowing that the cosmetic industry has such an impact on women’s health, personal care, and professional life, Tanille, Creative Director & Founder of Beauty and the City says “clean beauty is the way to go. We are now looking at how to bring sustainable products to the Beauty and the City Beauty Box as a next step.”  Beauty and the City cosmetics is a Black-owned business, with make-up and skincare that can be used by women of all ethnicities.

The Beauty and the City Beauty Box is also part of a cause-driven funding effort. 1% of all sales of Beauty and the City products are donated to charity. The hand-curated Beauty and the City  Beauty Box included.  An added feature is supporting indie beauty brands with the Beauty and the City Beauty Box. The beauty box will later feature indie beauty brands that meet Beauty and the City’s vegan and clean beauty standards and guidelines.  This offers an opportunity to indie brand producers while introducing a variety of concepts and products of clean beauty to Beauty and the City customers.

At Beauty and the City, the products are made by women for women who are active, busy, and want to look their natural and healthy best. The Beauty and the City Beauty Box will include the phenomenal bonus set if pre-ordered on Kickstarter now: