Sweet Pickle Paddles – Sweet Designs. Peak Performance.

Play with a Sweet Pickle Paddle. Feel every bit as good as you look.

A Sweet Pickle Paddle looks good on the court without sacrificing quality, comfort, or control. Sweet Pickle Paddles’ durable, lightweight paddles meet the needs of beginners and experienced players alike.

Sweet Pickle Paddle’s founder, Peggy Underwood, is a wife, mother, grandmother, and lover of Pickleball! When she couldn’t find a beautiful pickleball paddle, she decided to make one herself. The goal was to create something beautiful and high quality. Local artists have designed the entire inventory. Some designs have a hint of nostalgia while others feel fresh and modern. Each paddle is unique, beautiful, and packs a punch!

Sweet Pickle Paddles is a small female-owned business founded by an educator turned entrepreneur, Peggy Underwood. Peggy discovered pickleball, which is the fastest growing sports in the U.S, as a way to stay physically active and connected to friends and family during the pandemic. Peggy quickly learned that despite the increasing popularity of pickleball, 62% of players are men. She is now on a mission to help more women experience the many benefits of pickleball, and express their unique personalities while doing it. 

Sweet Pickle Paddles makes beautiful, high-performance Pickleball paddles for competitive and recreational play that will go toe-to-toe with the best the sport has to offer. Sweet Pickle Paddles are more than just a pretty face. Plus, Sweet Pickle Paddle paddles are certified Green for low noise level and have luxurious, soft-grip handles so you’ll feel every bit as good as you look.