Being A Girly, Happy, Sweet and Artistic Lady with Maria Victoria’s Artisan Bags

As you may know, I work for Heydoyou blog as an editor, and actually I am an artist as well. I have my own Art Studio, and run my Etsy and personal website shops. I love artisan things very much. If you let me choose a famous branding item vs a hand-made artisan item, I will choose the artisan item without hesitate. For me, hand-made things are more unique, you can feel people put their own personality and efforts in that.

Authentically beautiful and created with fair trade opportunities, feel good supporting the outstanding work of these artists. Maria Victoria is the stunning NEW brand of handwoven bags and accessories made out of recyclable PVC plastic. The collection epitomizes the beauty and culture of Mexican art! All bags are named after famous Mexican painters and muralists and take anywhere from two to six hours each to make depending on the style. The bags are super versatile, great for the beach, travel, gym, school, or everyday use. Super easy to clean, the bags are lightweight, foldable, long-lasting, and extremely durable.

This item is from Maria Victoria’s Tamayo Tall collection. First, I love the color combination very much, it is sweet, girly but not childish. This bag is literally good for all seasons, and match with almost different types of outfits. Plus, it is very light. As a big size bag, it is supposed to hold a lot of things. For example, when I need to carry my laptop in my bag, I don’t like to put this heavy stuff into a bag which is already pretty heavy itself. What I want is a strong and light bag. This bag from Maria Victoria totally meets my needs, it is big enough to hold a lot of things. And the better thing is, it is very very light.

Maria Victoria is proud to work with artisans who are part of social reform enterprises and indigenous communities in Central and Southeast Mexico, where they learn how to make high-end textile goods like their handbags. Because of the emphasis withing Mexico on this type of vocational training, life skills and long-term rehabilitation withing these programs, it greatly impacts the success for a second chance in life. Maria Victoria offers artisans fair trade opportunities where they can be creative, work independently and have an improved quality of life. Maria Victoria has seen first hand that it gives them strong sense of purpose, through a skill that is nurtured. With every purchase, you too, contribute to the betterment of others and they are grateful for your support in these endeavors.

About the Fair Trade, trade in which fair prices are paid to the artisans. In other words, Maria Victoria’s artisans set the price and they pay it. Maria Victoria does not negotiate and pay for all pieces, even if they are flawed or damaged.


Made from high quality pvc plastic: Maria Victoria‘s bags are extremely durable. They are sun and heat resistant and can easily be washed with soap and water. With their easy folding capabilities, these bags are versatile and stylish vacation accessories too, whether you are lounging poolside, golfing or adventuring around the world!

About Maria Victoria:

They started this company with a vision to share the rich history of artistic beauty within the Mexican culture. As an architect and an industrial designer, both born and raised in Mexico, they have shared a profound passion for art and design since the moment they met. Every corner of Mexico is rich in tradition and artistic handcrafts that vary from wood and plastic, to textiles and jewelry. Following their calling and vision, they have created a unique selection of beautiful Mexican handcrafts, each individually made by hand by dedicated Mexican artisans.