People matter, and so do their stories – A Journey with Lazarus Artisan Goods

It’s time to start back to school and whether its your first year or your last year of college, Lazarus Artisan Goods got the the swag and the bags that you can’t live without. Or, perhaps your sending your kiddos off to school and you want to celebrate with something special for yourself as well! 

Lazarus Artisan Goods is on a mission, literally, to bring the best-crafted leather accessories to the marketplace while providing artisans in rural Haiti and Honduras with vocational opportunities to use their talented skills to live abundant lives now and in the future. Partnering with Mission Lazarus, the feel-good brand cherishes its relationship with local artisans and is passionate about their heirloom pieces that only get more beautiful as they age. With a wide range of offerings from genuine leather tech solutions, belts, wallets, and even leather-bound bibles, the gift-giving possibilities are endless, cultivated with dignity and purpose. Check out the people behind their product names by visiting their blog to meet the artisans. People matter and so do their stories. The brand has named many of its pieces after pillars in the communities they directly serve.

It is all from a crazy idea 9 years ago – teach leatherworking. Make awesome leather goods. Pay awesome wages. And to measure a quadruple bottom line, People, Purpose, Planet & Profit. Amazing to now see 40+ employees cranking amazing products, providing for their families, and transforming their communities from the inside out! Lazarus Artisan Goods is cultivating dignity and purpose in individuals so that they can live better lives now and for eternity!

It’s a long journey for these young men and future artisans. They’ve just begun a 3 year journey of Jr High studies combined with a trade, either leather working, carpentry, or metal working with Mission Lazarus in Honduras. Three years from now they’ll have finished 9th grade, have a marketable skill, and all of the leather workers who would like will have a job in Lazarus Artisan Goods production shop.

Lazarus Artisan Goods Commitment – the purpose is to create secure employment with a fair, living wage, to improve communities and their people around the developing world through People, Planet, Purpose, and Profit. Lazarus Artisan Goods create great jobs for people because they are truly the most valuable natural resource on the planet.

Lazarus Artisan Goods take care of the home. It is the God-given responsibility to steward the planet in the regions in which we live and work. Lazarus Artisan Goods are committed to business practices that mutually benefit both People and Planet by preserving the natural environment and improving its conditions for future generations. Lazarus Artisan Goods invite people to live better, now and for eternity. They care for people by building relationships and offering opportunities to further their development in all areas of life.

Because Lazarus Artisan Goods profit is diversified (from more revenue to deeper relationships), they celebrate success even when they “break even.” Lazarus Artisan Goods objective is to create lasting value in the lives of our employees and artisans. Lazarus Artisan Goods are an intentional capitalist model that prioritizes Kingdom purposes that radically and sustainably transform lives.

The growth at the Mission Lazarus vocational school in Haiti is inspiring- this is dedication, commitment, desire to improve your life and make way for a better future. No matter you are going to find a gift for your family, friend or for yourself, Lazarus Artisan Goods is the one should be on your list. Not only purchasing for a good reason, but also the handmade goods to last a lifetime.