Purelis Naturals – Treat Your Loved Ones or Yourself with these Spa Gift Baskets!

Nurture your inner life with the help of Purelis. Naturally wonderfull, just like you. Give a gift that your loved ones and friends can turn to when they need a break from their hectic schedules. It’s a wonderful holiday surprise for busy moms, essential workers, teachers, and those on the list that are all about bathtime (there’s always one, right?). Purelis Naturals Baskets elevate the art of giving, filled with its Aromatherapy Gift bath line and gorgeous accessories that make bathtime better. They put together everything for you so the challenging part will just be which one(s) to send to people on your list! All items are gift-ready and nаturаllу hаndсrаftеd, containing no sulfаtеѕ оr pаrаbеnѕ.

The brand redefines luxury while nourishing the skin and soothing the soul. I’m talking about ultimate gifts that have everything in them to turn a tub into an oasis of comfort, healing, and bliss. The brand hasn’t forgotten a thing – including ever-popular bath bombs that are also sold in bulk gift sets and individually wrapped for unique party favors!! All-natural ingredients make up the offerings, as well as lush pillows, essential oil candles, and more. Family and friends will open the baskets and step into a world of soothing sensations.

Melon Cucumber Spa Kit

What happens when Purelis combine cucumber and melon? The result is no less then an exquisite scent that refreshes the mind renews the skin!

Purelis DELUXE GOURMET GIFT BASKET includes everything you need to create the definitive at-home spa experience from start to finish! Our bath & body gift baskets are hand crafted with attention to detail, wrapped & tied with a bow. The Spa products featured in this gift are part of the luxurious Purelis All Natural Collection.

Natural Spa Basket Includes:

Bubble Bath ~ Body Wash with Shea Butter ~ Hair Replenish Shampoo ~ Skin Loving Hand Cream ~ Skin Repairing Body Butter ~ Aromatherapy Bath Salts ~ Shea Butter Bath Caviar ~ 3 Fizzy Bath Bombs ~ Handmade Essential Oil Soap Bar ~ Cucumber & Melon Body Mist ~ Hand-poured Aromatherapy Candle ~ Wooden Reflexology Stick ~ Pumice & Brush Combo Stick ~ Spa Bath Mitts ~ Extra Long back scrubber loofah ~ Mesh Bath Pouf

Lavender Gift Basket

Pamper her with THE ULTIMATE SPA GIFT BASKET of Indulgence & Relaxation. Purelis Serenity & Synergy Blend Spa Basket will give her a crash course in the Three R’s Treatment. Renew… Recharge… Rejuvenate. There are sensational Spa Goodies with Beloved Essential oils nourish the skin & body and soothe the soul. Body Lotion Basket includes all bath and body products you need for an at home spa day. Made with 100% natural & organic ingredients and is Sulfate, Paraben & cruelty free!

This LUXURY LAVENDER SPA BASKET includes Luxurious Lavender Shampoo, Lavender Body Wash, Lavender Aromatherapy Bubble Bath, Bath Caviar, Body Butter, Bath Bombs, Lavender Massage Oil, Lavender Chamomile Body Mist all with therapeutic oils, in a delightful Lavender fragrance. For the premium collection, Purelis Naturals makes it even better with Lavender Essential Oil Body Wash, Handmade Essential Oil Soap Bar, Aromatherapy Lavender Candles, Aromathery Necklace & top it off with Spa Bath Mitts, Mesh Bath Pouf, Wooden Relexology Stick & the richest Plush Luxurious spa slippers to ensure the greatest spa basket on the market. Redefine Luxury with this 1-of-a-kind DELUXE SPA PACKAGE/BATH BASKET!!

Eucalyptus Mint Aromatherapy Spa Basket

RELAXING AROMATHERAPY PAMPERING GIFT SET: This Gold Leather 12 Piece Holiday Gift Basket is the most complete all inclusive home spa pampering package – it will give your loved ones a crash course in the Three R’s Treatment. Renew… Recharge… Rejuvenate. The sophisticated blend of eucalyptus and mint create an entoxicating essence for body & spirit. Experience the combined benefits of premium bath products along with the holistic healing of pure essential oils! Eucalyptus Mint oil has so many benefits including use on wounds & burns, blocked noses among many more. Ask for our free essential oil ebook when purchasing this basket!

Starting with Luxurious Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Wash, Bubble Bath, Bath Salts, Bath Caviar and bath bomb, all with Mint and Eucalyptus Essential Oils. Eucalyptus Essential oil is popular for promoting relaxation and soothing body ailments. Purelis Naturals makes it even better with our premium blend of eucalyptus and mint essential oil & bath oils to ensure the greatest spa basket on the market. They then top off this basket with skin reviving hand mitts, a mesh bath pouf & a luxurious lava stone aromatherapy bracelet!! Redefine Luxury with this 1-of-a-kind Aromatherapy Gift Collection!

Aromatherapy and At Home Spa Treatment, Luxury Taken to The Next Level! Purelis Naturals gourmet gift baskets are truly unique, with exclusive aromatherapy baskets for all of life’s special occasions. Their carefully handcrafted bath & body products are naturally formulated & contain NO Sulfates or Parabens.

Intoxicating fragrances combined with Purelis Naturals superior skin loving formulas make them the most popular & sought after gift baskets for women & men. Purelis Naturals gift baskets are 100% BATH LOVERS DELIGHT – Purelis Naturals is sure you’ll adore this Spa Basket. Spoil the one you love most, to earth’s best bath and body treats!