Boost Your Hydration Going Into the New Year With pH Alkaline Water

Going into the new year, everyone is looking for a step-up in their diet and fitness goals. Some, are more realistic than others. However, perfecting your hydration routine is a great way to help ensure both your body and mind feel at their best throughout the day.

One great way to improve your hydration is through alkaline water (water at a 9.5+ pH). Our friends at Perfect Hydration (pH) offer the first nationally available, 9.5+ pH alkaline water in a can that has a unique blend of electrolyte minerals to help you get the boost your body needs.

Served in a can with locally sourced water, pH’s aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable in an effort to lower carbon emissions and support both your wellness and the health of our planet.

You may ask: how does alkaline water help your body?

Studies show that alkaline foods and beverages are known to counteract the harmful effects of acidity in the diet. On top of that, pH’s water is purified to its cleanest form through a 9-stage filtration process and has no added sodium, chlorine, or fluoride.