Wellness + Beauty – Morgan Cosmetics’ Pandemic Relief Skincare

Masks are essential to stopping the spread of COVID-19. But they can be hard on your skin, especially if you job requires you to wear one all day. Elements such as sweat, dirt and oil get into your skin and causes inflammation and acne. If you have a skin condition like eczema or rosacea, wearing a mask can cause a flareup.

Jennifer Abba, Co-owner of Seattle-based natural products line, Morgan Cosmetics (which is sold at retail stores nationally as well as Amazon) has a few tips for maintaining healthy skin and keeping it looking fresh.

“Choose a comfortable mask such as a two-ply cotton mask, which is breathable and washable; avoid heavy makeup that won’t allow your skin to breath, adding another layer of complexity to wearing a mask,” Abba said. “Find the right skincare regimen, Morgan Cosmetics offers Prickly Pear Seed Oil, rich in vitamin C and Rosewater spray that reinvigorates and nourishes your skin and makes every day a fresh start. “ At the same time, exposing your hands to soap or hand sanitizer several times a day can dry out your skin because the alcohol in hand sanitizers removes the skins protective oils. “Adding Argan Oil to your shampoo or rubbing it directly on the skin restores the skin and provides a healthier way to keep skin and hair softer and more radiant this winter,” Abba added.

Argan oil, produced from enormous quantities of crushed Argan nuts, nourishes the skin through its high fat content, which consists of 67% of all essential fatty acids including linoleic acid. With a light fragrance combining nutty and citrusy scents, it moisturizes the skin by improving water retention through its high vitamin E content. By boosting hydration, Argan oil ensures a radiant complexion even when skin faces the dry air.

This is also the case with Morgan Cosmetics’ Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Extracted from cactuses, prickly pear seed oil boasts 87% of all fatty acids, making it a highly effective hydrator that deeply penetrates the skin and boosts its water content for several hours after it is applied. In addition to its long-lasting moisturization, prickly pear seed oil’s scent of citrus fruit and light texture immediately brings a good feeling as it permeates the skin with nourishment that will leave it with a soft, velvety feeling.

Moroccan Pure Rose Water is a hydrosol from distilled Damascus Rose Petals that grow in the Morocco’s “Valley of Roses”. This pure rose water is excellent for any type of skin including dry or inflamed skin as an astringent and skin toner; it will also help to restore moisture balance and diminish broken capillaries. Morgan Cosmetics sources this Rose water directly from Morocco. It is a real natural cleansing and purifying lotion with a unique amazing natural smell that envelops the energy around you, and transmutes it into a lovely, delicate vibration that is conducive to peace and positive thinking, an all time spiritual cleansing.


Founded in 2012 by Jennifer and Bachir Abba, Morgan Cosmetics LLC is a leading manufacturer of the finest pure, Organic Argan Oil. With offices in Essaouira (the capital of Argan), Morocco and Seattle Washington, Morgan Cosmetics’ natural hair, skin, and nail care solutions include 36 different formulations that are cold pressed at its on-site facility in Morocco. Morgan Cosmetics’ solutions can be purchased individually or in gift sets at morgancosmetics.com or at Amazon.