GLASS GLOSS – Great lip colors for the busy women who love vibrant lips and the convenience of a long wear color

Made with organic non-gmo emollients and high quality pigments. Moisturize enriched, uber smooth, lasting wear with no sticky feeling or white lip residue. Just pure lipgloss goodness, GLASS GLOSS Original Collection lipgloss has the perfect shade for spring & summer months.

Original Collection is GLASS GLOSS‘ first handcrafted collection. Made with high-quality organic emollients for a better lip gloss experience. Ultra smooth, nonsticky, moisturizing, pigmented lip gloss. It helps heal and nourish dry chapped lips, plus a splash of color for the perfect combination of lip health + lip beauty.

Luxe Glossy is the glossy wand applicator lip gloss. The certified cruelty-free, vegan lip gloss comes in an array of pretty colors and smells amazing. Paint on pure lip gloss goodness. Keep your lips feeling and looking great!

The one on me is Autumn, a warm, deep orange color. GLASS GLOSS is certified cruelty-free, vegan lip gloss. The creamy, ultra-smooth, glossy lip gloss provides moisture, pigmentation, and lasting wear. It smells amazing! A must have lip gloss for glossy, moisturized, fabulous lips any time.

GLASS GLOSS Vegan Lip Beauty is vegan and certified as cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program, a program that sets the standard for companies to actually be free of animal testing of all kinds. Each product is made with superior quality and to solve today’s lip beauty problems, so you know you’re getting an amazing lip gloss, lipstick, and or lip treatment you can trust.

The beauty that we all radiate is exactly what GLASS GLOSS Vegan Lip Beauty supports. They understand that there isn’t one way to be or feel beautiful, and diversity and individuality is what makes us all gorgeous. They pride themselves on supporting all women on their journey of beauty and self-confidence.