Women’s Sexual Wellness Breakthrough from Sommer Ray’s Beauty Co-Founder

I want to introduce you the hotly-tipped new sexual wellness brand RUNI. Felicia Hershenhorn first made headlines co-founding Imarais Beauty with model Sommer Ray, and then recently quit her day job as a lawyer at only 28 to create RUNI and redefine self-care as a pursuit of pleasure, radically transforming sex lives, and tackle the taboo of sexual wellness.

RUNI’s first product ‘Play Primer’ is a woman’s pleasure cream for stimulation, arousal, and orgasm. Play Primer works using RUNI’s proprietary liposomal technology delivering a targeted dose of cannabidiol (CBD) to penetrate the smooth muscle tissue of a woman’s more sensitive areas (vaginal and clitoral tissue). The targeted dose of CBD encourages blood flow to the genitals, increasing sensitivity and enhancing natural lubrication. This has a peripheral action without any central brain effects to increase arousal and enhance a woman’s normal bodily function; this isn’t something CBD does to you; it’s something your body already does and CBD helps facilitate.

About Felicia:

Felicia, also known as ‘Runi’ by her family and friends, wants to be your ultimate hype-girl when it comes to body, beauty, or sex. Felicia grew up in Toronto and always felt like an outcast. She attended law school and studied personal injury law and construction law. She met a real estate developer and landed a job as in-house counsel. Beauty-obsessed and an entrepreneur at heart, Felicia left her life as the youngest and only female attorney and head of corporate and legal at a development company. She started consulting for companies, like Psychedelic Water, regarding growth strategies and branding and eventually co-founded and launched an industry-disrupting, plant-based skincare company, IMARAÏS Beauty by Sommer RayFelicia raised over $400,000 in funding in 48 hours to bring her vision to life.

RUNI is Felicia’s new and most personal endeavor that she set out to empower women through sexual wellness. Runi is an intimate wellness company that celebrates pleasure as an essential component of human sexuality fundamental to overall health and wellbeing.

MORE ABOUT Play Primer by Runi:

Flavorless, not sticky, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free water-based arousal serum with only 6 ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, CBD Isolate, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Cordyceps Mushroom Extract, and Shiitake Mushroom Extract. The natural lubricant is clinically studied technology, naturally processed, with no added chemicals, 100% plant-based, made in the USA, safe for consumption, latex-free, and does not contain any glycerin, parabens, or mineral oils, hormones, or alcohols.