Enjoy glowing and GORGEOUS skin with ‘body oil RUB’, use daily in place of lotion.

Give the skin a healthy glow with Art Bath Soul‘s high-quality botanicals, Mediterranean olive oil and antioxidant-rich vitamin E. ‘body oil RUB’ is a must-have tool for irresistibly soft skin! The naturally hydrating oils completely absorb without feeling greasy and the aromatic scent remains for 8 hours or more.

There are 16 Collection-fragrances to choose from. For the most beautifully smooth skin ever, using ‘scrub in a TUB’ or ‘body oil RUB’, daily is recommended.

body oil RUB 8oz
Hey Lady
Limited Edition

Fragrance Description: Jasmine, May Rose, Patchouli & Vetiver… kind of a “Chanel” Vibe

How to use:

Use daily in place of lotion.

Apply on to a slightly wet body, especially after shaving.

Add to bath waterGreat for massage (professional ‘slip’) or as an aid to repel biting insects. Rub into the tips of hair as needed.

…”Spousal application is highly recommended!”

What’s in it:

Made with Mediterranean Olive Oil, anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E, high-quality botanicals and/or fragrance oils.

No petroleum, parabens or synthetic preservatives added

Improve skin health & tone in one quick step with ‘scrub in a TUB’. Polish on and rinse off – its that simple! Softer skin is achieved with the first application. Made with Ultra-fine Sea Salt, Mediterranean Olive Oil & Vitamin E for increased healing, luxurious skin-conditioning and deep moisturizing. Plus, the aromatic scent remains for 8-10 hours!

scrub in a TUB 22oz
Summer Melon

Cleanse + Exfoliate + Moisturize + Fragrance

Fragrance Description: Ripe Melons & Cool Cucumber

How to use:

Polish on and rinse off – its that simple!

Apply with hand, directly on to wet body. Stand away from the water and polish until satisfied. Focus on areas that are rough or need healing – backs of arms (bumps), elbows, knees, heels, toes (cuticles), bikini line.

Helps heal & smooth ingrown hairs, eczema & psoriasis patches, stops itchiness & prevents bug bites.

Prevents razor rash and gives a smooth shave – use BEFORE SHAVING and in place of shaving cream. Simply polish upward to “fluff-up” hairs, while simultaneously exfoliating skin cells from around the hair’s shaft (exposing the hairs, fully). Then, rinse away the salt and use the remaining oils as the protective, shaving lubricant.

Use regularly for smooth & moisturized skin, for healing as needed and for post waxing & shaving maintenance.

***Day-spa products, for at-home use…”Spousal application is highly recommended!”***

What’s in it:

Sun-dried and cleaned Sea Salt that has been sized and shaped into micro-cubes in order to roll and exfoliate. Plus it is a natural skin healer, like a day of swimming in the ocean.

Mediterranean Olive Oil to moisturize and nourish skin – it completely absorbs without feeling greasy.

Vitamin E as natural preservative and skin conditioner.

Also included, other natural botanicals and/or essential oils, fragrance oils, FD&C colorants, yellow prussiate of soda, mica

Cat is a resilient entrepreneur who has reinvented herself many times over.  Before 9/11, she was working as an aerospace technician, when the industry collapsed. Like a cat with nine-lives, Cat took this opportunity to start a manufacturing company and created a line of bath salts and personal care products.

She spends her time between two home bases one in California’s Bay Area and the other across the country in Atlanta, Georgia.  She has had stores in San Francisco, Emeryville, most recently since 2017 in Atlanta. When Covid lockdowns happened, Cat decided it was time to close up the brick and mortar store and take care of her friends and clients from around the world, online.