Serenity Organizers – A simple design that helps you stay organized on the go.

With more than 6 million people flying during the holidays, Serenity Organizers is making its way on the market to help people stay organized and have a stress-free travel experience. Simple things that work!

Serenity Organizers creates unique, multi-purpose airline travel accessories that put organization, cleanliness, and peace of mind at the forefront. The Seat Organizer features secure and convenient pockets to keep your books, glasses, tablets, and more tucked out of the way. No more struggles with your bag underneath or overhead.

Clean and organized travel is Serenity Organizers specialty. Serenity organizers are lightweight, antimicrobial and washable. They will change the way you travel. No need to balance your belongings on your lap or worry about leaving them on the plane.

Serenity Organizers have all the built-in pockets you need for your travels. Safely store your belongings at your fingertips during flight, such as electronic devices, magazines, water bottles, eyeglasses, snacks, and more!

Tray Organizer

  • 100% polyester fabric, antimicrobial, washable, quick-drying, and water repellent.

  • At your fingertips are four storage pockets built-in for all your inflight belongings

  • Transforms into a drawstring tote to carry your belongings

  • Available in Charcoal, Indigo Blue, Cool Gray, Rose Pink, Fire Orange, and Powder Blue.

  • Price: $45

  • Lightweight and Compact: Weighs 2.8 ounces (less than 3 -AA batteries)
  • Antimicrobial Fabric: Helps prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from attaching to the fabric surface.
  • Washable and Quick Drying: Hand wash. Easy to hand wash and hang to dry when you are on trips.
  • Fits Most Airplanes with pull-down trays.

Thought it couldn’t get any better? In addition to providing more much-needed storage, Serenity Organizers also provide a clean surface for your food and belongings. At the end of your flight, simply slip it off and watch how it magically transforms into a drawstring tote. Use the tote to stash any items to take home. These tray organizers are practical to use, making it easier to find everything while enjoying your travel.

Wash it and you will be ready for your next trip!


In addition to donating masks and wipes, Serenity Organizers will be donating a portion of proceeds to The Southern California Counseling Center (SCCC), a non-profit organization focused on providing affordable mental health care to people in need. Audrey, one of Serenity Organizers’ co-founders, has been involved with the organization for over 15 years.

About Serenity Organizers:

Serenity Organizers offers the perfect organizers products for the current traveling climate. Two important product features are organization and protection against germs and bacteria. Antimicrobial lightweight organizers are the stress reliever travelers are looking for with tray and seat accessories that provide plenty of storage pockets to safely stash your food, drinks, snacks, and electronics at your fingertips.