School is back in session and you’re already out for Some Pop Art snacks.

Snacks as bright and colorful as you are. Pencils, protractors, and Pop Stars. Make sure you send your kids back to school with all the essentials. Pop Art Snacks is a uniquely delicious, out-of-this-world treat with worldly flavors. The award-winning brand brings gourmet popcorn to the mainstream with offerings to please various discerning taste buds. It’s an everyday snack that’s elevated to a savory “taste of art,” with such bold selections as Rosemary Truffle With Olive Oil and Dill Pickle Vegan Ranch to make a health-conscious foodie salivate just thinking about them!

Always crafted in small batches, Pop Art Popcorn is Non-GMO, contains no MSG, is kosher, gluten-free, and air-popped. Made from 100% whole grains to keep you energized throughout your day. At 45 to 60 calories per cup, satisfy your cravings with these amazing small batch-crafted selections and give your mouth a burst of epic flavor and crunch! It is vegan except for Cheddar Jalapeno and Pepper Parmesan.

At Pop Art Snacks they thrive on inserting FUN into the mundane. Much like Andy Warhol did for the Campbell’s Soup Can in the art world, Pop Art Snacks does for popcorn. They elevate this all-American snack by infusing it with fun-out-of-the-box flavor combinations that appeal to the slightly eccentric foodie and health conscious snack lover.

Enjoy our Pop Art Gourmet Popcorn that is not only delicious but a healthy snack that will satisfy your foodie urges! Taste the flavor and experience the elevated popcorn from Pop Art Snacks!

Pop Art was founded by the husband and wife team of Mike & Venessa Dobson. They have always loved food of all types and are constantly inspired by delicious flavors.

While living in New York City they would visit the many diverse gourmet markets and spice stores and pick out unique spices from all over the world. They started to experiment with popcorn and realized that it was a great canvas to really adhere flavor to. They began to make popcorn for dinner parties and small events and everyone raved about its savory deliciousness.

Fast forward many years later they have turned their love of food into a gourmet popcorn company that pushes the boundaries of what you can do with popcorn flavors. Both having a background in the art world they fell in love with the philosophy of the Pop Art Movement, which takes something ordinary like a Campbell’s soup can or comic book and elevates it into a work of art. The motivation of Mike & Venessa is to turn everyday Popcorn into a Taste of Art!