Vegan Slow Fashion Brand Hemincuff – designed for the modern, fashion-forward risk takers

You might notice, our fashion world is changing, people start to put more attention on sustainable and recycle products. Fast fashion brands are not as popular as before. Now is the time for us to turn to slow fashion. For Hemincuff, slow fashion and sustainability is a priority. Mainly, all vegan brands are mass-produced. Unlike many current fashion brands, Hemincuff is no fast fashion. The creative director, NOEL VELOZ’s work is meticulous and has integrity. His aim is to set the tone for the vegan luxury market and really move it up and on.

Hemincuff, this NYC-based vegan and sustainable accessories brand is designed for the modern, fashion-forward risk-takers. Hemincuff is committed to empowering advantageous professionals that are focused on achieving the unachievable and looking elegant while doing it. The geometric and minimalistic designs create a clean, yet hip and expressive style, perfect for a beach picnic date, a night out on the town with your girls, and everything in between!

Hemincuff creates timeless handmade products made to last and be worn in different ways. Adding Rubber to our PU leather gives it strength and long lasting durability. They run many quality test on their items to make sure they are providing you with a great sustainable product that is handmade. Their Aesthetic will always be luxury but their products will be priced at a Luxury contemporary price point to fill in the gap in the sustainable luxury market.

Their materials are Recycled PU Leather: They gather left over PU Material from Artisan workshops in Italy. These scraps are shredded and mixed with recycled rubber and pressed into sheets. Their new Material is finished with coating and protection.

Recycled Nylon : They gather left over Canvas from Italy, NY and Mexico

Recycled Canvas: They gather left over Canvas from Italy, NY and Mexico

Recycled Hardware: They gather left over hardware from Italy, NY and Mexico.

Recycled Microfiber: They gather left over Microfiber from Italy, NY and Mexico

Hemincuff Manufacturer 80 percent of their Collection in the U.S in Florida with their independent team of independent craftsman at their Atelier. It took 10 years to develop the team of skilled craftsmen. The other 20 percent of Hemincuff collections due to production capabilities of the items is imported from Mexico made by LATINOS.

About the packaging Hemincuff wrap their products in recycled packaging by giving it a second life and also encouraging the end consumer to recycle the waste material again. They source their packaging in the U.S and from their overseas partners.