Holidays are better when it smells good

There are endless ways to make your home feel special, and scent is surely one of them. As the weather temperatures drop, here are some fall scents suggestions to keep that cozy feeling in your home. Especially during the holiday gathering time, a good scent makes your home a more welcome and sweet place to be. Everyone will Fall In Love with your party.
At Pura, they are reimagining the future of fragrance. They unlocked the possibility of scent with smart home technology. Because scent has amazing power—to improve the energy of a space, to express individuality, to enhance moods and feelings—and Pura tapped into that positivity.
The Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser empowers you to personalize every detail of your home fragrance experience —all from your phone. Simply plug in, program, and let premium, clean fragrance enhance your every mood.
Fragrance at your fingertips
  • Control your Pura from anywhere with the app, and at home using Alexa compatibility.
  • Create custom schedules so you have scent right when you want it.
  • Adjust fragrance intensity to match your mood.
  • Use away mode to automatically switch your Pura off when you’re not there.
  • Swap between 2 scents to easily change the feel of your space.
  • Light the night with a color wheel LED ambient nightlight.

NEST New York

Create a cozy autumn ambiance with a blend of wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, and favorite fall spices.
Home’s cozier when it smells like fall. This scent takes fresh-picked wild pumpkins and blends in swirls of spicy masala chai, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon, creating a warm, delightful fragrance that fills your home with the cozy scent of fall.
As a well-loved brand with over ten years in the fragrance industry, NEST fine fragrance brings you scents that are unlike any other. The quality ingredients and bold, beautiful notes will set your home apart.
Top: pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg
Middle: clove, ginger, spicy masala chai
Bottom: vanilla, cedar, musk

Simmered Cider


A simmering blend of freshly-pressed apple mulled with crushed clove, cardamom, and hints of bourbon.
An elegant and delicious scent for any time of year, this fragrance invites the feeling of sweater-wearing, cool autumn days. It blends tart, crisp apples with fragrant crushed clove, warm cardamom, and a splash of bourbon for a sophisticated, authentic, and anytime favorite fragrance.
Thymes brings you unique, nature-inspired fragrances that are intriguing, complex, and balanced. Each one is artfully created and grown through thoughtful design to inspire moments of serenity and connection with ourselves and with each other.
Top: juicy apple, clove
Middle: cardamom
Bottom: hints of bourbon, creamy musk
This set includes New York Botanical Garden’s signature scents, Beatrix, Orchid, Honeysuckle, and Gardenia, and a Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser.
This set represents the incredible blossoms of the New York Botanical Garden. With the latest scenting technology, the perfumers were able to capture the molecules and beauty of the blossoming florals themselves, and take you on a stroll through the delightful gardens.

Fragrance has always been an essential part of the human story. It can change the energy and atmosphere of your space, transport you to new places, enhance moods and feelings, and take you back to special memories.

It has the power to evoke romance, increase wellness, celebrate new life, and honor loved ones. While fragrance has been treasured throughout the ages, we believe its potential is yet to be fully realized.

Pura fragrances are safe for everyone — pets and kids included! Safety is BIG for Pura. They work with the world’s leading fragrance experts and perfumers to make each scent not only beautiful, but beautifully clean.⠀