The Kacey Welch Method Debuts Luxury Silk Wefts For All Licensed Cosmetologists External

Luxury hair extensions brand The Kacey Welch Method is opening their Silk Weft Hair Extension Collection to all Licensed Cosmetologists! In addition to their Silk Wefts clip ins open to the public!

Exclusively sold on All Licensed Cosmetologists are invited to register for wholesale prices.  By popular demand, and for the first time ever, Celebrity hairstylist Kacey Welch’s Silk Wefts collection is now available to all Licensed Cosmetologists. Debuting in their signature six colorways (Goodnight Tokyo, Roman Holiday, Manhattan Twist, Parisian Sunset, Berlin Blonde and London Calling), Licensed Cosmetologists are guaranteed to find the perfect color match. The Silk Wefts  will be priced between $235 – $515 and are the highest quality Remy hair available in the following lengths: 16”, 20” and 26”

The Kacey Welch Method is a simple, two-step process for sew-in Silk Wefts, now offered exclusively to Licensed Professionals. Up until now, The luxury Silk Wefts have only been sold to professionals who have completed the course to become a KWM Certified Artist. They are now being sold to all Licensed Cosmetologists who wish to purchase this incredible hair and add to their  inventory! In addition Licensed Cosmetologists can register for whole prices for the Clips Ins.

My Silk Weft extensions are custom designed by me, Kacey Welch! Made with the absolute best hair on the planet, they’re perfectly colored, balayaged and designed for a seamless blend. We do not use any textile dyes or chemicals on our hair, which gives you the freedom to gloss, color and even add blonde! When I say ‘Silk Weft’ I am referring to the construction of the hair, the hair is meant to lay perfectly flat and designed to be comfortable for all clients. There is no return, the Silk Wefts can be cut vertically and will never unravel. With this luxury product you can expect this to last for 8-10 months!”

The launch of the Sew-In Silk Wefts comes after a massively successful NYFW show where The Kacey Welch Method debuted its luxury hair extensions as the exclusive hair partner for the Rebecca Minkoff presentation. The Silk Weft Clip-Ins collection which was used on the models hair are also available at

Kacey Welch’s expertise has been seen all over Hollywood on stars such as Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Rita Ora, Ireland Baldwin, Julianne Moore, Kirsten Dunst, Kaitlyn Bristow, and over 100+ influencers like Charly Jordan, Nathalie Paris, Dayna Marie, Emma Norton, Beasteater, and Daisy Keech.

About Kacey Welch

Los Angeles native Kacey Welch is one of the leading hair color and extension experts in the world. She is famous for creating the most natural looking hair extensions using her unique technique, The Kacey Welch Method™, as well as for her meticulous attention to detail and her sharp eye for color. During the years when she was perfecting The Kacey Welch Method™ on her clients, she recognized that there was a void in the industry–a high demand for natural, harmless hair extensions, but nowhere to find exactly what she knew her clients needed. So in 2017, Kacey designed a line of Silk Wefts. This hair turned out to be far superior to anything else on the market.

It became Kacey’s true passion to train other professionals in The Kacey Welch Method. They are also granted exclusive access to the Silk Wefts and become Certified Artists in The Kacey Welch Method. In addition to her teaching, Kacey maintains a celebrity clientele including Kate Hudson, Rita Ora, LeeAnn Rimes, Carmen Electra, Ireland Baldwin, Kirsten Dunst, Jenni Garth and so many more. Kacey also keeps several influencers and content creators looking their absolute best. These next gen stars with over 150 million followers include Kaitlyn Bristow, Daisy Keech, Kinsey Wolanski, Charly Jordan, Sabrina Quesada, Mads Lewis, Emma Norton, Dayna Marie, Beasteater, Mariana Morais, Michelle Kennelly, and more.