Take Care of Yourself – The Mental Health Collection from TAFT

Destigmatizing mental health issues is no easy feat, however, beginning the conversation is a great start. For World Mental Health Day, TAFT has ventured outside of footwear for a moment, creating a limited edition clothing collection with a percentage of proceeds donated to charities — bringing awareness to a cause that many people could resonate with and support.

Mental Health has always been at the heart of TAFT. People always come before shoes. Because of this, the brand has created its Mental Health Awareness Collection, inspired by co-founder Kory Stevens’ personal mental health journey and battle with depression. Retailing for under $150, the collection contains eight styles, dedicated to helping normalize mental health issues and encouraging others to seek help without shame or judgment.

TAFT will be donating 10% of total proceeds from the Mental Health Collection to two of the brand’s favorite organizations: Mental Health America, a nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of all, and Made of Millions, a global advocacy nonprofit organization on a mission to change how the world perceives mental health.

About TAFT

TAFT is a direct-to-consumer men’s footwear brand specializing in unique, bold shoe designs. Founded in 2014, TAFT shoes are produced in Spain and Portugal with textiles ranging from suiting wool, to woven upholstery fabric, to Charles F. Stead leather. TAFT prides itself on having an inclusive vibe among its customer base, and on consistently delivering exciting new styles.