Reconnect to Yourself and Your Senses Through the Healing Power of Infused Honey and Tea

Healing isn’t found only in a doctor’s office or through medications. Siika Herb & Honey Co. blends all these crucial elements of life and happiness into a delicious, healing product.

Founder Makuyo was visiting family in Ghana when the vision for Siika and what it could be, came to her. She felt restored after taking time away from the constant “Go!” of her life and saw that reconnecting to herself (and nature) was exactly the thing she was missing. She set to work finding a way to infuse this sweetness into her daily life in a way that complimented her other responsibilities.

Launching just in February 2022, Siika Herb & Honey Co. is healing wounds and stimulating energies one jar of honey and cup of tea at a time.

Each honey is infused with raw, unprocessed herbs into eco-friendly packaging. The jars of honey, along with Siika’s various tea blends, honor the women and culture that have been instrumental in shaping Makuyo and the vision she needed to support us.

Explore the entire Siika Herb & Honey collection online. Their best-selling tea is their Chai Tea Blend and their best-selling honey is their Yaayo Honey

About Siika Herb & Honey:

Siika Herb & Honey Co. is a Miami-based brand infusing raw honey with organic herbs to provide a natural way to heal our spirits. They take inspiration from the sensual and real-world healing properties of honey as well as our everyday rituals. Siika is rooted in the founder’s Ghanaian heritage and culture where they value love and strong community as personal riches. The brand’s infused honey and tea blends provide consumers with a path to reconnect to themselves and to nature despite their hectic lives. Follow them on Instagram @siikaherbandhoneyco