We’re almost all the way through December! Keep making time for those workouts during the holiday rush, and don’t forget to hydrate.

The perfect combination of electrolytes and ions you need to be fully hydrated. Electrolit Hydration Beverage Electrolyte Drink contains the necessary electrolytes for a full hydration process, providing immediate recovery with glucose: a natural source of energy.

Electrolit is clinically tested and proven to quickly rehydrate and refuel your body. After experiencing prolonged exposure to heat, excessive drinking or a common illness, Electrolit can help you replenish your electrolytes and bounce back faster so you can keep your life moving. HYDRATE YOUR BODY Powerful Ingredients: 4 electrolyte minerals and 6 ion sources. Optimal Hydration Delivery: Well-balanced sugar and sodium ratio. Natural: No preservatives or artificial colors. DELICIOUS FLAVORS Potassium: Avoid muscle spasms. Magnesium: Prevent cramps. Calcium: Helps metabolic process. Sodium Lactate: Prevents acid buildup. Sodium / Glucose: Essential for rehydration and recovery. IONS: Allows electrolyte absorption.

Electrolit was first launched in 1950 as a solution for dehydration in children.

Its unique formula, great taste and variety of flavors has positioned the product as the preferred premium hydration beverage for children and adults.

For decades, Electrolit has become the company’s leading product, selling 200 million bottles in 2016: 2 bottles for every person in Mexico.

Due to the success of the product in Mexico, Grupo Pisa decided to create CAB Enterprises Inc in 2014, the exclusive distributor of Electrolit in the United States and the company responsible for positioning the brand as the best premium hydration beverage in the country.

Electrolit is a Mexican product manufactured by Grupo Pisa, the leading pharmaceutical Company in Latin America, with more than 70 years in the market.

Produced with pharmaceutical quality grade ingredients in the most innovative manufacturing facility, with a fully automated and integrated manufacturing process.