Carnival Cocktails – Recreate Mardi Gras Vibes At Home

People all over the globe will soon be celebrating Mardi Gras with street parades, music and colorful costumes. Meaning ‘Fat Tuesday’ in French, Mardi Gras began as a religious day observed before Lent, when people were meant to use up all the fats in their home in preparation for fasting. Today, however, it has evolved to encompass weeks of partying, starting in early Jan and building to the climax of the official Mardi Gras, which is 21st February this year.

The most famous Mardi Gras carnivals are in New Orleans in the US and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where thousands of people descend on these cities to take part in the festivities and enjoy delicious party food and drinks.

For those who can’t make it to southern Louisiana, our mixologists at The Mixer have hand-picked the perfect cocktails to help recreate the carnival vibes at home.

How to Make a Classic Sazerac Cocktail

If you’re reading up on Sazerac cocktail ingredients, we’d like to welcome you to the very first page of known cocktail history. It is here that the mystery and magic of mixed drinks first started to unfold, so follow us on a jaunt down this most iconic memory lane if you please… 

2 Oz Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey
0.33 Oz absinthe or anise liqueur
1 sugar cube per cocktail
A few dashes of bitters per cocktail
To garnish, a lemon twist per cocktail
1. Chill a rocks glass by filling it with ice and setting it aside as you prepare the rest of the cocktail
2. Soak the sugar cube with the bitters and muddle it in a mixing glass, crushing the cube
3. Add the Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey and stir
4. Take the ice out of your chilled glass and rinse it with a small amount of absinthe – swirl the liquor around and then discard
5. Pour the Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey mixture into the chilled, absinthe-rinsed glass
6. Squeeze the lemon twist gently over the drink to release its oils – some will use it as a garnish on the rim of the glass afterward, but rarely drop it into the drink itself

Your Go-To French 75 Cocktail Recipe

The French 75 cocktail recipe has a colorful, multicultural origin story — it’s was dreamed up in New York City by a Scottish bartender who named it after a French field gun! Not to mention the fact that it was first stirred up at the height of American Prohibition of course… 

The story goes that barkeep Harry MacElhone chose the name because the drink had a fair amount of kick, which he likened to the firepower of the French 75mm field gun that was used during World War I. Today, the French 75 martini is still enjoyed around the globe, with the same reputation for packing a strong punch.  

The best French 75 cocktail recipe

French cocktails are classics for a reason – it’s glamour in a glass. To start you off here is a short and sweet explanation of what’s in a French 75 and how to make it at home:  

1 Oz Gin
2 Oz Champagne or prosecco
0.5 Oz Lemon juice
0.25 Teaspoon simple syrup (or to taste)
Sugar and a lemon slice (for the rim of the glass)
Maraschino cherry, to garnish
1. Prepare the glass by running a slice of lemon around the rim and dipping it into a shallow bowl or saucer with sugar
2. Add the gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup to a shaker with ice – cover and shake
3. Strain the mixture into your prepared glass
4. Top off with Champagne or prosecco
5. Garnish with a Maraschino cherry and enjoy

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