Nancy J. Hite, CEO, The Strategic Wealth Advisor® CFP® AIF®

Accredited Financial FIDUCIARYand author

“The Retirement Mirage”

Financial guru Nancy Hite, is available for Women’s History Month to cover Women and Money!  Great insight, examples that get you thinking differently about money, especially Women vs. Men.

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“If you are still uncertain, you may want to consider the advice of Nancy J. Hite, CEO of The Strategic Wealth Advisor who says simply: “Get professional help, don’t try to be your own medical doctor with investments.”

About Nancy Hite

Nancy’s Passion for Planning

Helping people is my passion.  I love what I do.  I take pride in getting to know all of my clients very well because all my clients become friends as well as part of my extended family.

As a widow, I understand the emotional and financial issues that are created by this unexpected event.  I miss the beautiful days my husband, Leonard, and I spent playing golf together and my winning a hole or two in the round. Also, the time we spent at the 19th hole.  Cooking is a hobby of mine, and I continue to cook the unique recipes we shared together.

I also enjoy going to the gym early each morning to keep my body strong and my mind sharp.  Going to the gym also starts my day on a positive note. I love what I do, helping people and I realize how fortunate I am to enjoy helping people prepare for the retirement they have always desired and deserve.  I do not look at Monday through Friday as workdays but rather as days to help multiple people achieve their financial dreams!

Because cooking is my hobby, I use the analogy of breaking down the financial planning process step-by-step, just as one does with a recipe, so that the process is not overwhelming but is actually enjoyable.  K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple, Sweetie.  There are only 3 things you can do with money: SPEND IT NOW, SPEND IT LATER OR SPEND IT NEVER®.

When we begin working together, I want to know your dreams for your family and your retirement.  Working together, our goal will be to make your financial and lifestyle dreams a reality.  We will want to find out what is important to you: safety, growth, taxes, liquidity, and/or other issues.  Is there anything about your present situation you are not comfortable with?  Together we will develop a recipe (a sophisticated financial plan) and make sure to include desserts (special financial rewards and treats for you to enjoy!).

Each of us has a lease on life, yet we need to know how long that lease is.  There are no guarantees, and due to medical breakthroughs and healthier lifestyles, many of you will live much longer than you anticipated.  My job as a highly trained and highly experience Certified Financial Planner and Fiduciary is to ensure that you do not run out of money before you run out of time.

I know what you’re thinking… My office is not near you. Can your robust, proven processes and solutions still work for me?   ABSOLUTELY!  I can work very successfully with you through conference calls, shared screens, and the power of the Internet!

My new book, “THE RETIREMENT MIRAGE: TIME TO THINK DIFFERENTLY,” offers a powerful fresh perspective using stories on how you can address and achieve financial stability and the freedom to control your own time.

I would love to help you and your family pursue your financial dreams. Let’s Talk!

There is absolutely no cost or obligation to speak with me. In our conversation, you can ask me all your questions, have them answered, and learn if my 20 years of experience as a Certified Financial Planner® and a Fiduciary is what you have been looking for.