Las Vegas Educator on How Technology Helps Teachers Help Their Students

Most teachers report that education technology helps them achieve better results. But more than 60% of teachers say they are hardly ever or never consulted when it comes to determining which tools to use in their classrooms.

Vannessa teaches at Rancho High School, and recently spoke about her experience using itopia Cloud Classroom. According to Vannessa, “the digital divide is real, and I do see it, and [technology] bridges the gap.” She isn’t alone, and as learning loss continues to ripple through schools, the head of the Los Angeles Unified School District spoke of how “learning happens anytime, anyplace,” and emphasized the importance of increasing connectivity to build more expansive and inclusive technology education.

Vannessa sees a lot of her own experience in the difficulties faced by her students, and is available to speak about:

  • The importance of consulting teachers about what tools help improve outcomes for their students.
  • Vannessa’s experience teaching at Rancho High School, and how she has seen technology benefit students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • How learning software can increase connectivity and accessibility, eroding educational inequalities.
  • The risk of continued ‘learning loss’ caused by COVID-19, and why technology can help students access the learnings whenever and wherever they need.
  • How education technology can improve education outcomes, helping students prepare for their future.